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5 Types of Single Men You’ll Meet Over 40

5 Types of Single Men You’ll Meet Over 40

By Melanie Preis

Dating over the age of 40 can be challenging—not just matching with the right type of man but finding him in the first place! It may feel like there are no single men over 40 in Atlanta, but they’re around. Think of it like the ultimate, citywide scavenger hunt, where the prize is a single, well-adjusted, 40+ man ready for a relationship!

In order to find the elusive creature that is an older, single man in Atlanta, try to think like him. Figure out his personality, style, and attitude, roaming his favorite Atlanta haunts, in order to make a real-time connection. Take a look at the five types of single men you might encounter over 40, where to find them, and tips about how to approach them!

Open Air & Outdoorsy

High Country

This single guy has a love affair with Mother Nature herself. The outdoorsy man wants to spend time under the sun, enjoying Atlanta’s lush landscapes. He’s always packing bug spray, sunscreen and a reusable water bottle in the hopes of discovering a new walking trail. Whether he’s a hunter or just appreciates the quieter side of life, his zen attitude is a welcome respite from the stress of the city.

Pros: Adventurous spirit, appreciates Mother Earth, interested in local wildlife

Cons: No Netflix subscription, can be a bit anti-social

Find him at: High Country Paddleshack, Atlanta Beltline, Piedmont Park, REI classes, Bass Pro Shop

Tip to approach: Ask about local fauna during a hike or pull out your paddleboard and hit the river

The Late-Night Life of the Party

This man is always around when “closing time” announced at the bar and never minds when the club lights come on. In order to keep up with this party animal, have a can of Red Bull at the ready. Since his kids are older (or he never had any at all), he doesn’t worry too much about bedtime.

Rock N T

Pros: Keeps the party going, enjoys the nightlife

Cons: Hangover central, perhaps too social

Find him at: Johnny’s Hideaway, Rock N’ Taco, The Select, Alive in Roswell street festival

Tip to approach: Buy him a cocktail or ask for a dance

In-The-Know Intellectual


With his car radio always set to WABE, this news-loving intellectual is always primed to discuss current events. With a background in higher education and multiple degrees, this smarty pants showcases his love for knowledge by staying well-informed with scientific and fact-based periodicals, subscriptions and podcasts. In addition to bettering his mind, he expects his significant other, children, etc. to also value the pursuit of wisdom.

Pros: Expert conversationalist, cares about world events

Cons: Occasionally condescending, likely to strike up a political conversation at the wrong time

Find him at: Read Shop by The Merchant, 12 Cocktail Bar, A Capella Books, Lucian Books and Wine

Tip to approach: Start a conversation about current events (be prepared for divergent political opinions)

Sports-Is-Life Dude

Atlanta is a sports-lovers dream, and many single men over 40 enjoy our fair city because of the athletic scene…whether they themselves have any real athletic abilities. The sports-is-life-dude plans his free time around Braves/Hawks/Falcons/Atlanta United schedules, passionately talks about college sports (especially football) like he’s the actual coach; and tailgates with the best of them.

Top Golf

Pros: Loves competing, celebrates big wins, spirited

Cons: Game-day face paint, everyone becomes invisible when the game is on

Find him at: Top Golf, Stats Brewpub, Puttshack, Punch Bowl Social, or any Atlanta sporting venue

Tip to approach: “How ‘bout those ______ (fill in the blank with appropriate sports team)?”

A Foodie for All Seasons

Chattahoochee Food Works

Dating a knowledgeable foodie can be an amazing treat (literally), as this guy usually knows the best dining spots in Atlanta, appreciates fine dining, and hopefully knows his way around the kitchen by enrolling in cooking classes (or at least knows how to follow a recipe). No matter what type of cuisine, this clever connoisseur orders the perfect wine pairings and always keeps his partner full and happy.

Pros: Knows the best restaurants, adventurous

Cons: No more fast food, sometimes pretentious, will make you try everything

Find him at: Bacchanalia, Food Halls, Staplehouse, Buford Highway, The Cook’s Warehouse

Tip to approach: Ask for wine pairing advice or join his table.

While you are sure to find single over 40 men at these spots, keep in mind that your best match will often show up when and where you least expect. Tune into what you love, who you are, and where you want to be and the men will follow!

Love in the Digital Age

If you prefer searching for romance online rather than in line at a club, there are some great dating sites for singles in their 40s and older. Popular dating sites for older adults seeking long- term relationships include eHarmony, Match and Hinge; OurTime and SilverSingles specifically focuses on people 50 and older; and there’s even Stir, geared toward single parents!

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