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2023 Atlanta Beauty Tour Partner The DRIPBaR Sandy Springs Talks IV Therapy

2023 Atlanta Beauty Tour Partner The DRIPBaR Sandy Springs Talks IV Therapy

Kay Song - DRIPBaR Sandy Springs

The DRIPBaR Sandy Springs

Kay Song and Candy Hall

Services: IV Vitamin Therapy Drips and Shots

If you are looking for a quick and effective way to boost your energy levels, fight off inflammation, or rejuvenate your skin—you’ve come to the right place. At DRIPBaR Sandy Springs, registered nurses and exceptional staff work to address your unique concerns, ensuring you’re back in tip-top shape in 45 minutes or less. Simply sit back, relax and let the DRIPBaR team work their magic, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Why do people use IV therapy?

Although traditional hydration can alleviate some common ailments, our Lifestyle Drips are proprietary mixtures of nutrients formulated to go above and beyond to help with fatigue, immunity, detoxing, recovery, rejuvenation, skin beautification, vitality, anti-aging and inflammation.

In addition to our proprietary LifeStyle Drips, we also offer Health Support Drips that address more serious concerns. This includes NAD+, the ultimate anti-aging drip; High Dose Vitamin C for those battling cancer; and Alpha Lipoic Acid for those with diabetes or liver disease.

Our Lifestyle Drips go above and beyond to help with fatigue, immunity, recovery, anti-aging and more.”

What are the advantages of IV therapy over other rehydration techniques?

Many ingestable therapies can’t rehydrate you sufficiently without compromising nutrient absorption or take hours to kick in. IV vitamin/ hydration therapy is the most reliable and immediate means of hydration and nutrition.

What new things are you eager to share with clients?

We now offer Semaglutide to complement our Zone program, which utilizes vitamins and minerals to support weight loss and management. Weight gain can result from the lack of certain nutrients, which cause energy imbalances. Our IV vitamins fuel your cells, your body’s foundation, to fuel your life.

Does the DRIPBaR team have special medical training?

Registered nurses provide IV Therapy services on-site under the supervision of a medical director. They are also backed by The DRIPBaR corporate medical team, who are constantly working on a growing list of new formulations, such as the upcoming Acne Drip, Lyme Disease Drip, etc.

Ethan King
Ethan King

What Atlanta influencer Ethan King had to say about DRIPBaR

“DRIPBaR mixed up a special Lifestyle Drip with an extra energy boost to help me overcome my sluggishness due to allergies and added some glutathione to give me a youthful glow. They really spoil you with fruit, cheese, sparkling juice and heated massage chairs while you get your drip. I left feeling 120%!”

5600 Roswell Rd., Ste. B110, Sandy Springs, 678.916.7290

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