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2021 Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board: Media Ambassador— Tom Sullivan

2021 Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board: Media Ambassador— Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan

When popular emcee and Emmy-nominated TV personality Tom Sullivan left the radio industry after 30 years, it was to pursue his passion for connecting with people in person. This platform lets him share his positive energy and encourage others from the stage, and he often surprises his TV followers with his authenticity off the screen.

How does a personable, big events guru function in the time of COVID?

“COVID has been the biggest challenge for me as an emcee, because most companies haven’t returned to live events,” Sullivan says. “To combat that, I continue hosting events virtually, which I transitioned to very easily having worked in television for years.”

Navigating new paths and readjusting with positivity and determination is another facet of what he loves. In fact, it’s what has helped him see what matters most in life. From learning gratitude, patience and compassion through caring for his partner during his battle with cancer, to sharing good vibes (and big smiles) with clients and offering them a slice of hope in a world that’s pretty scary right now, he’s up for the challenge of bringing joy to others.

“While I miss the energy of a room filled with thousands of people, my team [has been able to produce] events [so that we can connect with them] virtually,” he says.

Finding success right now is a unique talent—one that he credits to God, and a personal verse, Psalm 37:4.

“When I look out my window, I see the birds always find food and God always provides,” he says. “Having the ability to explore, grow, learn, lead, follow, create, discover and enjoy life is what keeps me motivated. It isn’t about the money, but rather doing something that nurtures your spirit – mind, body and soul.”

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