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What Does “Concierge Medicine” Mean to Me As a Patient?

What Does “Concierge Medicine” Mean to Me As a Patient?

By Paul E. Cox, MD, MS

Discussing healthcareConcierge medicine is a type of medical practice that offers an enhanced physician-patient relationship resulting in improved accessibility to medical information, treatment, and quality care.

Why would I choose this type of practice? I have great medical insurance.

Primary care doctors that rely only on insurance or Medicare payments must see an average of four patients per hour or use physician extenders such as nurse practitioners or physician assistants in order to produce the revenue needed to keep the practice open. Therefore the patient [you] is no longer the primary concern of the practice. The payment system is the primary driving force behind this type of practice model.

How is the concierge medicine model different?

The concierge model allows you to make a personal contribution to your health (usually less than the cost of three or four monthly car payments) that results in a more personal relationship with your physician. In this model, the physician-patient relationship again becomes the driver of medicine instead of insurance payments.

How is Vital Living Healthcare different from other concierge practices?

We are the only place in Atlanta where you can receive your annual physical and a facial in the same facility on the same day. We also provide you with a yearly blueprint/design for improved health based upon what you want to accomplish, what the available data (from advanced laboratory testing) tells us, and the time you have to devote to the plan. We also periodically revisit and revise the plan to make sure we take advantage of victories, while pivoting when circumstances change.

What services do you offer?

In addition to the personalized health blueprint/design, I am also well known for my skills with BOTOX® and fillers, and bioidentical hormone optimization. I also have skilled estheticians who offer facials, laser, intense pulsated light (IPL), and radio-frequency microneedling treatments to keep you looking as good as you feel.

I have heard a lot about hormones lately. Are they really that important?

Yes! There is sound scientific evidence that shows hormones greatly affect our mood, thoughts, sleep, energy levels, weight, lean muscle mass and athletic performance, and how we look. Hormone imbalance or deficiency commonly begins in our 40s and 50s and is frequently dismissed by most physicians as normal aging, depression or anxiety. So before you start that antidepressant, give up on your workouts, start the anxiety medication or give in to the ‘personal summer’ of hot flashes and night sweats, please get your hormones checked by me. There is a reason I am known as Atlanta’s ‘hormone whisperer.’

Is there anything else I need to know?

My practice is founded on the principles of listening, caring, and serving. My team will always strive to do those things for you no matter what. That’s why your first meeting with me is complimentary. I need to listen to make sure my practice can meet your needs to provide truly personalized medical care.

Paul E. Cox, MD, MS
Paul E. Cox, MD, MS

Board certified in anti-aging and family medicine, Paul E. Cox, MD, MS, is an expert at turning back time. Firmly rooted in a scientific approach, Vital Living Healthcare focuses on early detection, prevention, and innovative treatments to reverse age- related decline. By using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, along with focusing on all aspects of your health (mind, body, spirit, and surroundings), Dr. Cox will create a comprehensive and personalized design for maintaining or reclaiming your health and vitality. Experience the healthcare you deserve and schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Cox today.

Paul E. Cox, MD, MS • Vital Living Healthcare • (404) 843-3636 •

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