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Troy Vaughn III: Dating Commentator, Safe Sex Advocate and 2021 Over 40 & Fab Fab 4

Troy Vaughn III: Dating Commentator, Safe Sex Advocate and 2021 Over 40 & Fab Fab 4

Troy Vaughn III 2021 Over 40

Troy Vaughn III has a passion for human relationships. The 42-year-old founder of the dating community RING|SIDE, Troy pours his energy into helping singles from around the world better understand themselves and each other. 

What impact do you hope to leave on the world? 

I hope to impact how men and women communicate with one another, especially inside the unpredictable minefield called dating. 

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment? 

Starting my own LLC. I began with a small discussion among friends and built it into a popular digital/physical community composed of members from all parts of the world, many of whom have found tangible success in their dating lives. 

What is your favorite way to give back to your community? 

My favorite way to give back to my community is by making condom accessibility and information about free HIV Testing available to my followers. Through dissemination of information and events, I want to lead by example and make sure the people in my community know the importance of regular testing and knowing your HIV/STI status. I work with companies like B Condoms and SisterLove, Inc to effectively drive home the message about safe sex and why regular HIV/STI testing matters.

Who has been your biggest cheerleader over the years? 

The people in my digital Facebook community, RING|SIDE, have been my biggest cheerleaders over the years. Too many to name individually, but they have been there for me during the good, bad and dark times. They have breathed life into me and all my endeavors. Without them, none of this would be possible. 

What person, thing, or event has influenced your life most?  

I think it’s impossible for me to name just one person who has substantially influenced my life. If I were to build a Mount Rushmore of people who have inspired the upward trajectory of my life, I would say the faces of Malcolm X, Nina Simone, Bruce Lee, Freddie Mercury and Elder Watson Diggs would be carved on the side of that glorious, majestic mountain.

What do you think has contributed most to your success in life?

I believe having my father as my biggest supporter has been the lifeblood of my success. He has always encouraged me to stay the course and never quit despite obstacles, setbacks, and criticisms. When times were tough and circumstances seemed insurmountable, he was there to motivate me to pick myself up and continue the “fight”.,

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