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Experience The LifeHope Difference

Experience The LifeHope Difference

Co-founder Brian McCoy
Co-founder, Brian McCoy

When asked what makes LifeHope a cut above other medical groups, co-founder Brian McCoy doesn’t hesitate in his answer—“it’s the people,” he says. “We look for those unique providers that stand above the crowd and bring something outstanding to the table, whether that’s cutting-edge technology like Dr. Kevin Lie’s IRIS system or Dr. Reingold’s desire to run against the current of mass-produced, impersonal healthcare.”

A faith-based practice, each one of the providers under LifeHope’s 1.5 million-square-foot umbrella, is handpicked by an experienced leadership team made up of members who have worked with multiple hospital systems and one of the nation’s first PPOs.

The focus at LifeHope isn’t on profits but on intimate patient relationships facilitated by small patient-to-doctor ratios with passionate providers. “We can self-fund what we do so our docs can spend more time with their patients, be proactive with their care and better monitor patient progress. This leads to best-in-class patient outcomes and shorter illness durations. The bottom line is that we give them enough resources and time to actually make a difference in a patient’s life,” McCoy proudly shares.

Brian Harley, DPMBrian Harley, DPM

Southern Foot & Ankle Institute

McCoy gets emotional when talking about the life-changing work Brian Harley, DPM, does every day. It’s not just professional but personal for McCoy, whose own brother was able to walk again thanks to the efforts of Harley and the Southern Foot & Ankle Institute.

One of the best podiatrists in the Southeast, for over 17 years, Harley has helped countless patients enjoy life again. Southern Foot & Ankle Institute specializes in foot and ankle trauma, sports injuries, reconstructive and orthopedic surgery. The team utilizes the latest in minimally invasive approaches and plastic surgery techniques to return you to a high functional level. Partnered with LifeHope’s Physical Therapy practice, NeuroKinetix, you’ll be back on your feet in no time!

Kevin Lie, MD
Kevin Lie, MD and Julia Thorne, DNP

Kevin Lie, MD

IRIS–Vascular Interventional Specialists

Since 2008, Kevin Lie, MD, has worked on the front lines of transformational medicine and interventional surgery. At IRIS or Interventional Radiology Intervascular Specialists, Lie and his team can solve complex problems with minimally invasive procedures with local anesthetic and sedation.

“I am able to achieve surgical like results (or better), with less risk, greater accessibility, and minimal recovery times.”

The IRIS team can treat cosmetic and varicose vein issues, non-healing ulcers and even ease heavy menstrual bleeding caused by uterine fibroids all without invasive surgery. These outpatient procedures produce optimal outcomes that are more accessible, more affordable and more comfortable than invasive surgery. Learn more about if you might be a candidate at

Alexis Andress, DNP and Karen Weldon, MD
(L to R): Caroline Brown, Kim Palmieri, Alexis Andress, Kim Buchanan, Anita Christieb, Lulu Ellisor

Alexis Andress, DNP and Karen Weldon, MD

LifeHope Healing Med Spa

LifeHope Healing Med Spa is proud to stand apart from other aesthetic practices with an artistic vision and holistic goals. The LifeHope team believes that face and body aesthetics are as much an art as they are a science. Extensive training and top-of-their-field professionals make LifeHope a place patients can trust for the latest treatments that exceed expectations. Whatever procedure you are looking for from hormone replacement therapy to PDO Threads, OPUS skin resurfacing, Botox, and fillers, you can find it all under one roof at LifeHope.

“Prevention is the best way to maintain your skin’s firmness and elasticity!”

Alexis Andress, DNP, emphasizes how LifeHope isn’t just committed to helping you turn back the clock but also keeping you looking youthful from day one. “My patients who see the most success come in at least semi-annually for treatments like Botox and keep their environmental damage at bay by scheduling a series of IPL (Intense Pulse Light laser) treatments,” Andress notes. So what are you waiting for? Reach out for a free consultation to discuss your goals at

Michael Papciak, MDMichael Papciak, MD

LifeHope Pediatric Center

Michael Papciak, MD. has cared for children, adolescents and young adults in North Atlanta for over 30 years. As the former chief of Pediatrics for Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital, there is not much Papciak hasn’t seen. Calm and confident, Papciak gently walks parents and patients through early development, illnesses and developing a lifelong health plan.

“We are honored by the opportunity not just to heal, but also to educate and encourage our patients and their families.”

Papaciak and the team at LifeHope Pediatric Center offer everything from physical exams to patient education, nutrition and psychological services. Parents can easily book appointments online, and a small patient load ensures flexible appointment times and short-to-no wait times in office.

Jason Reingold, MD
(L to R): Bobby V. Khan, MD, PHD; Syed Rahman, MD; Jason Reingold, MD; Saravanan Kuppuswamy, MD

Jason Reingold, MD

Georgia Cardiovascular and Primary Care

What is a common misconception when it comes to heart health?

You often hear that heart disease is a men’s disease but it’s actually one of the leading causes of death for women. Because of frequent misdiagnosis and underestimation of symptoms, heart problems often progress undetected in women until serious complications arise.

What can people do to look out for their heart health?

If you are feeling anything off with your body, get it checked out. For women we encourage them to think about their medical history. Preeclampsia, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis are all risk factors for developing heart disease in their 40s. There are several new innovations when it comes to screenings for your heart health. At Georgia Cardiovascular and Primary care we are proud to offer a vascular age screening with no radiation so you can stay informed of your heart disease risk.

Bronson Walters, KT Jordan Gaillard, PT
Bronson Walters, KT and Jordan Gaillard, PT

Bronson Walters, KT; Jordan Gaillard, PT


Patients rave about NeuroKinetix’s whole- body approach to physical therapy. Helmed by Bronson Walters, KT, the NeuroKinetix patient rehabilitation program is designed to reduce pain, prevent future injuries and improve patient health and fitness. Whether you are recovering from a surgery, accident or sports injury, the combination of advanced in-office treatments mixed with advanced exercise plans, will have you feeling 100% or better in no time.

“Using our specialties in kinesiology and physical therapy, we meticulously progress an injured or even healthy client to their greatest potential.”

The Neurokinetix team knows that every patient is unique, has different jobs, played or plays different sports and had or has different injuries and/or surgeries. That’s why every program is personalized to satisfy patients’ unique health and lifestyle requirements. This isn’t cookie-cutter physical therapy. This is a patient-centered journey to wellness.

Peter Bennett and Brittani Rowe
Peter Bennett and Brittani Rowe

Peter Bennett and Brittani Rowe

Train with Stamina

What is Train with Stamina’s mission?

Co-owners David Kross and Andre White started Train with Stamina to help athletes of all ages optimize performance in their sport and in their life. We use data-driven, science-based training and restoration techniques to make reaching the next level of performance seamless.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Whether you are a student-athlete looking to reach the next level, a pro seeking to fulfill your athletic potential or a weekend warrior looking to run your first or tenth marathon, we have a plan for you!

What makes Train with Stamina different?

We help you perfect your form and elevate your athletic performance by using a combination of strength and conditioning training, functional movement, injury prevention and nutrition. It’s a full holistic health plan that is guaranteed to take your athletic performance up a notch!

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