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The Game-Changing Future of Non-Invasive Lipo   

The Game-Changing Future of Non-Invasive Lipo   

Dream Body Sculpting team

It’s rare to meet someone in aesthetics who has truly changed the industry— but esthetician Christina Perez has done just that. After establishing Dream Body Sculpting in 2015 and she has been performing nonsurgical body contouring procedures ever since. Not only did Christina craft her own machine, but she also created her own technique to accompany this phenomenal technology. 

Dream body before and afterTwo Game-Changing Procedures

  1. Dream Body Sculpting devices use a high-quality ultrasound cavitation to destroy stubborn fat cells, which are filled with a liquid known as fatty triglycerides. When exposed to the vibration, heat, and low-frequency (32KHz) waves of the procedure, the fat cells become disrupted and release the triglycerides into the metabolic system. Your body will then dispose of them naturally, safely and effectively without harming any surrounding tissue or organs.
  2. Dream Body Sculpting also offers a skin tightening procedure that utilizes Dermolift Radio Frequency (RF) technology. This incredible treatment works using high frequency (10MHZ) waves that affect both the epidermis and dermis and the subcutaneous layer, producing much more dramatic results. The heat from the RF waves boosts collagen production and improves the skin’s elasticity.

These groundbreaking procedures are completely non-invasive and require little to no downtime, delivering immediate and permanent results. Treatments require two to three sessions spaced out three days to one week apart for optimal results. 

Jasmine Jenkins
Jasmine Jenkins

Dream Body Sculpting treatments are great for those just starting on a healthy lifestyle journey or for those who are fit and active but struggle with problem areas that can’t be directly targeted through diet and exercise. They also offer anti-aging solutions and post-liposuction care. Call for your free phone consultation to review which treatment options would be the best solution for you.

Dream Body Sculpting has two locations with one in Kennesaw and a second in Naples, FL. Vice President Jasmine Jenkins runs the Kennesaw location and is a fully trained, certified body contouring specialist ready to help you fulfill your body goals. Assisting her is Senior Vice President Lauren Taylor, a licensed esthetician and a nonsurgical facelift specialist. 

 Dream Body Sculpting at Salon Lofts – Kennesaw, 425 Ernest W. Barrett Pkwy. NW.

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