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Taylor Vickers: Devoted Mother and Autism Awareness Advocate

Taylor Vickers: Devoted Mother and Autism Awareness Advocate

Over 40 & Fabulous Super 6 Winner, Taylor Vickers

Taylor Vickers, 55, has been in Atlanta for 40 years. She’s raising her son, Jordan, who has autism, in Cumming, where they’re working toward his goals of independence and self-advocacy. It’s something they hope to model for other young families and share with their greater community as they learn more—in between afternoons spent old-school roller skating at the park.

What do you love most about being over 40?

I love feeling like I am becoming more myself over the years, and that the things that are not me or meant for me have become less important as I get older.

What inspires you to get out into the community and raise awareness for autism?

Jordan and I are out in the community volunteering a lot. I want families to see us, to meet us and then, in turn, be inspired to get out in the world with their kids on the spectrum, too. Our kids learn by doing, and then the world learns about acceptance and kindness. If I can help inspire other autism families to stop looking around and worrying about what others are thinking of them, then I will be very happy leaving that mark on the world.

What do you think has contributed most to your success in life?

So. Much. Love. I have a wonderful family. My mom and dad are a couple of Jordan’s biggest fans and have helped me with him so much over the years. In addition, my husband of 32 years, Dodd, is a fantastic man and father who is so loving and committed to me and our son.

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