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Tanya Mendoza: Fox 5 Assignment Manager and Change Advocate

Tanya Mendoza: Fox 5 Assignment Manager and Change Advocate

Over 40 & Fab Top 10 Winner, Tanya Mendoza

Tanya Mendoza has helped Atlantans tell their stories for over 15 years. An assignment manager for FOX 5, the 47 year-old has stuck her neck out for families who have been mistreated, advocated for change, and inspired us all by highlighting the stories we need to hear each day on the news channel. When she’s not making news, Mendoza is trying something new—from dance lessons to new recipes—reminding us it’s never too late to find a new love.

What inspires you to get up every morning?

Since I work for FOX 5, of course “Good Day Atlanta” inspires me to get up every morning. I am also inspired by my love for God and my family. I continue to ask myself every morning, “How can I help others? What can I create or do to better myself?”

What person, thing or event has influenced your life most?

At 13 years old, I was eating at a sidewalk cafe in San Jose, Costa Rica. I had almost finished my lunch when a little girl walked up to my table with no shoes on. She asked me if I was done with my food. I said “yes,” and she immediately took the leftover piece of meat from my plate and put it in her mouth. That moment changed me forever. I realized that we have to help others, always.

What have you learned to appreciate that you didn’t when you were younger?

I have learned to appreciate listening to what others have to say. In today’s busy and stressful world, it is easy to tune out what people have to say, but if we just take the time to hear them, we might actually learn from one another.

What makes you laugh?

I have worked in a newsroom for more than 20 years, hearing about death and destruction on a daily basis. Humor helps me cope with all the craziness going on in the world, so I love cracking jokes to get others laughing! I find humor in almost every moment of the day and search Instagram for a video if I need help.

What do you love most about Atlanta?

I love the diversity in Atlanta! Understanding that we are all different and that we can learn from each other is important, and getting a taste of the world and other countries can be done right here in Metro Atlanta.

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