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Summer Sun Protection and Fall Skin Correction

Summer Sun Protection and Fall Skin Correction

Summer Skin Care

Summer is officially in full swing and most of us are taking full advantage of the outdoor activities available to us. While exercise and time in nature are healthy endeavors, we must be mindful to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun while we are outdoors. Read on for tips for sun protection and correction.

You should wear sunscreen SPF 30 or greater on the most sun exposed areas of your face, neck and arms on a daily basis to protect yourself from the ambient exposures we receive during our day-to-day activities. Sunscreen is needed more widely to all exposed areas of our body when engaging in more prolonged outdoor activities. In order to cover your entire body, one full ounce, or a shot glass full, of sunscreen is required. Be mindful of the water resistance rating of the product you choose and be sure to reapply every 2-3 hours for adequate protection. You can also consider UPF rated clothing which can act as a physical barrier without the application of sunscreen.

Woman wearing a hat to protect herself from the sun on the beach

Much of what we interpret as “aging” is actually a reflection of accumulated sun exposure to our skin. Wrinkles, brown spots, textural changes and easy bruising are all secondary to the harmful effects of the sun. The best way to combat these changes is through avoidance and preventive measures, such as sunscreen and protective clothing.

However, many of us missed those opportunities in our youth and are now reliant on corrective measures. For patients with early changes, topical methods such as antioxidant serums, retinoids, fading agents, hydroxy-acids and light chemical peels can be combined to promote youthful appearing skin. In more advanced stages of photo-damage, deeper chemical peels, laser treatments, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments and micro-needling can be employed to reduce unwanted changes. The best time to perform these procedures is during the fall and winter months when sun exposure is limited. Please call our offices today if you would like to create a plan to reclaim healthy and radiant skin.

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Dr. Corrie AlfordDr. Corrie Alford is a board-certified Dermatologist specializing in general and cosmetic dermatology, at MetroDerm P.C. in Atlanta,GA. She is a graduate of Spelman College and earned her medical degree from the Emory University School of Medicine. She completed her dermatology residency training at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in 2006. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology and a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. Dr. Alford is passionate about providing individualized skin care to enhance the overall health and well-being of her patients.

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