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Shelby Perkins Triick – 2020 Over 40 & Fabulous Super 6

Shelby Perkins Triick – 2020 Over 40 & Fabulous Super 6

Shelby Perkins at The Fairmont poses for her photo at the 2020 Over 40 & Fabulous! photo shoot

Shelby Triick is one of those people who sees what she wants and runs after it. Inspired by a life of travel and grateful for the opportunities it exposed, this 45 year-old is the epitome of a doer.

What person, thing, or event has influenced your life most? Working and living in Zagreb, Croatia during the Balkan War. It gave me an opportunity to work with people from all different cultures. It allowed me to see suffering and triumph as I have never seen it before or since. 

What is your favorite way to give back to your community? My favorite way to give back to my community is through being involved. I was on a local Senior Services Board, because I think it’s important to be a voice for seniors. I served on the Doraville Downtown Development Authority, because I believe in thoughtful infrastructure planning and finding a way forward. I saw a need in the community after my father passed away for life saving blood and began hosting yearly blood drives. I participated in the White House’s Summit for Women because I believe it is my duty to be a voice for women—especially younger women. 

What inspired you to do this particular kind of charity work? I’ve been inspired by my travels to foreign countries, by loss and by abundance. I am often overwhelmed by the magnitude of what is needed. I am always listening for ways to get involved. If something “speaks” to me, I look for ways to jump in. Sometimes it is small and sometimes it is large. I admire doers. I strive to be a doer. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
– Theodore Roosevelt  

Name something on your bucket list? I’d love to whitewater raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, visit Patagonia, Alaska and Hawaii. Basically, travel is my bucket list!

Who are the experts/professionals who help you be your best self? My hair stylist, Michelle Logan, with Bob Steele Salon keeps my hair healthy. Melissa Federico with Spa Sydell is there for me if I have any skincare concerns. My Peloton and Tonal communities are always there to help support me in my fitness journey.

How do you maintain the balance between self-care, family, and work responsibilities, and giving back? I don’t believe in balance. I embrace the imbalance of it all! At different times in a week, month or year—family, self-care, work or giving back will take different amounts of effort, focus and time. I will say that I believe it is important to prioritize your relationships and to be intentional about time with those you love.

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