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Samaria Witherspoon, 27, Mental Health Therapist

Samaria Witherspoon, 27, Mental Health Therapist

Samaria Witherspoon

Samaria Witherspoon dedicates her day-to-day life to heal others dealing with trauma through her private practice. Though she recalls her childhood as a happy one, Samaria still felt the pressures of living up to certain expectations with nowhere to express her vulnerability. She now uses her platform to be that safe space for others.

What do you consider to be the most important traits for a mental health therapist to have?

Creativity, compassion, balance, positivity and an open mind are important traits to have. Within this field, you never know what cards you will be dealt, but if you possess those traits, you will have a better chance of tackling any and every issue.

Define what the phrase, “be your best self” means to you.

Being your best self to me is just being your true, authentic self. It’s you sticking to your morals and values and making a positive impact on this world.

What are some organizations/ways you like to give back to the community?

I love giving back to the community just by spreading knowledge. Knowledge, to me, is key. It’s really powerful. I share through women empowerment events, one-to-one mentoring sessions and through writing books. I also volunteer my time to mentor young ladies on the weekends. I donate to various organizations and most of all, I share my expertise of mental health through mental health counseling.

What do you do outside of work that helps you maintain a healthy, well-balanced life?

Traveling is my getaway. I love being with my family and friends, enjoying each other’s company. I love to brunch–salmon, steak and eggs with a mimosa is my favorite. Sometimes, I just like to do nothing. I live a life with schedules and routines, so when I have freetime, it brings me peace of mind.

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