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Relax, Rejuvenate, Recharge

Relax, Rejuvenate, Recharge

What is Quest Women’s Spa & Fitness Center and why did you decide to open your flagship location in Alpharetta?
Alpharetta blends an international sophistication that is sweetened by a sense of civic pride and southern neighborliness. Area residents are clearly invested in promoting the long-term economic growth and superior quality of life found in the area. Similarly, Quest is committed to providing a nurturing environment for area women to connect with their own health and beauty, ultimately supporting and improving their quality of life.

What sets Quest apart from other day spas?
Quest is a “women’s only” facility. We cater specifically to the experiences, concerns and needs of women. Of course, this doesn’t bar a gentleman from coming in to purchase services for the lady in their life. While more and more day spas offer both spa and salon services, few offer fitness classes and an on-site personal trainer.

What other services do you offer in addition to spa treatments?
For spa and salon services we include facials, waxing, body treatments (including detox and anti-cellulite), massage, nails, tanning, microdermabrasion, make-up application, hair cut, hair color, hair texturing and treatments. Fitness services include an on-site personal trainer and group fitness classes.

Can you describe the classes offered at Quest?
Our current classes include Pilates, Zumba, & Yoga. Soon we will be adding Belly Dancing and other exotic group fitness classes.

What can a woman expect from a day at Quest?
For some, if may mean starting off with a relaxing massage, followed by a manicure and pedicure and getting then their hair styled for an evening out. For others, it may mean enjoying a Pilates class with friends and catching up over a bite to eat in our cafe. Above all, they can expect to be treated to exceptional service.

Do you have to be a member to experience Quest’s services?
While we do have several membership opportunities for those who would enjoy our services on a more regular basis, anyone can take advantage of our services at any time.

What do you hope to accomplish by combining a spa and fitness center?
Today’s woman is many things to many people. She manages the demands of career and family while rarely taking time for herself. By combining salon, spa and fitness, we hope to offer our lady dynamo a peaceful spot to relax, rejuvenate and emerge whole again.

Quest Women’s Spa 
& Fitness Center
8470 Holcomb Bridge Road, Unit 140
Alpharetta, GA  30022
(678) 461-9337

Kamran Ayagh & Mojgan Shahmar are co-owners of Quest Women’s Spa & Fitness Center.  Recently relocated from Toronto Canada, their vision to create a luxurious women’s-only center that focuses on the internal and external health and beauty of its clients has become a reality in Alpharetta. “We are dedicated to ensure that every member will experience our commitment to their overall well-being.”  Together, and with community involvement, they have hosted a variety of personal development events and classes—all with the intent of educating their clients and offering them healthy living choices.

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