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Real Women Share What They Love About Windy Hill Athletic Club

Real Women Share What They Love About Windy Hill Athletic Club

Submitted by Trip Baisden

Elizabeth Pietrusza and family.
Elizabeth Pietrusza and family.

Elizabeth Pietrusza

What made you choose Windy Hill Athletic Club as your fitness club?

Windy Hill has always felt like a safe place. There are smiling faces everywhere you look. The equipment is clean and the spaces are well lit. The staff at KidTown are kind and well qualified. The trainers are knowledgeable. The general manager Trip Baisden’s door is always open. It was important for me and my family to choose a place that made us feel valued. It was also important for us to feel welcome, at all stages of our fitness journey. The club continues to exceed our expectations.

What do you like to do when you’re at Windy Hill Athletic Club?

I like to think that I spend just as much time using the amenities at the club as I do participating in the classes. We love the pool when it is warm outside. We are regulars at the café. My husband and I both enjoy massages at the spa. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What example do you want to give to your children and other moms about fitness?

I hope to show my family and friends that a healthy lifestyle is about maintaining a balance. I am grateful the club offers more than exercise so I can practice what I preach.

Our promise to members is to inspire you through movement, community, and personal attention. Do you believe that we do that?

Without a doubt! It is not ironic that the most active and enthusiastic I have ever been in my life began once I joined the club. It feels like home. It is home.

Audrey Schemer holding a tennis racket.
Audrey Schemer

Audrey Schemer

When did you become a member?

I joined in 1989.

What is your favorite way to stay active?

My favorite ways to stay active are varied but I enjoy swimming, spinning, and tennis the most.

You are a busy lady. Do you give yourself a moment just for you here at Windy Hill. If so, how?

I enjoy the days I don’t have to be on a tight schedule, where I can work out and have conversations with fellow members during my time spent at the club. I also enjoy watching my teammates play in tennis matches.

Being active is a big part of who you are. How do you set an example for your family and friends to live this kind of lifestyle?

I joined Windy Hill for the nursery and during this time, my family has seen that working out is a priority and is primary to my well-being.

If you were helping a person start their fitness journey, what advice would you give to them?

I would suggest they always keep in mind the goal of progress, not the finish line. Fitness is always evolving and a work in progress. I hope to keep on keeping on till I cannot anymore.

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