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Get Your Dream Body with Coolsculpting and EmSculpt

Get Your Dream Body with Coolsculpting and EmSculpt

Emsculpt by slim studioRenee Smith and Robbie Spence, owners of Slim Studio in Sandy Springs, opened for business in 2015 with the goal of being an exclusive non-invasive, medical BodySculpting facility. To date, Slim Studio is the number one provider of Coolsculpting® by volume in Georgia, and performs more EmSculpt® procedures than any other provider in the Carolinas, Alabama and Georgia.

“We thrive on results and patient satisfaction,” said Smith. “Our extensive experience, top-notch service and specific product offerings allow us to be the leaders and experts in non-surgical body sculpting.”

EmSculpt is the world’s first cutting-edge technology designed to build, define and tone muscles. Abdominal, gluteal, bicep and tricep muscles can be built with EmSculpt. Coolsculpting reduces stubborn fat that isn’t responsive to diet and exercise.

“These are two of the most highly sought after non-surgical body sculpting procedures available,” said Spence. “Both men and women of all ages are intrigued by the experience and results of these treatments. They are very appealing to busy moms and dads, and career oriented individuals who typically find it difficult to find time for self-care and recovery.

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“Our goal is to help patients increase their self-confidence and ultimately improve their overall wellbeing. We can help patients Slim Down, Build Muscle and become their best selves!”

The content for this article is brought to you by Slim Studio.

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4684 Roswell Rd. NE., Ste. A2, Atlanta, GA 30342

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