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My Best Self: Trey Humphreys

My Best Self: Trey Humphreys

As owner of Fur Bus, a rolling party venue of sorts, Trey Humphreys finds a big challenge in maintaining balance and structure in his life. Fur Bus, which has been gaining in popularity since its launch in 2000, and deejay work around Atlanta translate to a fun-but-extreme lifestyle for the 36-year-old native Atlantan. Here’s a little more about his personal journey and his secrets for staying healthy and happy:

What are your keys to being your “best self”?
You really have to take care of your mind and body.  I am no perfect guy by any means, but I do strive to make exercise a consistent habit in my life. I think people have to challenge their minds as well through continuous learning, whether it be via books, new hobbies, education or something else. Finally, you have to be respectful and kind to others—that sounds cliche, but is there any other reason to be alive?

What are your must-have foods?
Iced tea is my favorite thing on the planet. My favorite foods are steak, Mayfield chocolate ice cream, mangos, bananas and chewing gum. In general, I eat well Monday through Friday; then, on the weekends, I eat whatever I want.

What’s your fitness regimen?
I try to exercise for 30 to 60 minutes a day, Monday through Friday (but I miss a lot of Fridays).  If I can get in some exercise on the weekend, it’s gold! I’ve also learned I need either a class structure or training for a goal. I ran a marathon 5 years ago and it was brutal, but I checked it off my list. No more marathons for me! I also get weekly massages but I do it on a budget at Massage Envy—it reduces stress at the end of the week.

How did you get the idea for Fur Bus?
My roommate and I initially bought a short school bus to travel to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve in 1999. We outfitted the bus with obnoxious decor and told everyone we were in a band. In addition, we packed only costumes and polyester clothing for the trip so no matter the time of day or situation, that’s what we had to wear. Once safely back in Atlanta, the bus got very popular among friends, so we decided to start a business.

What do you love most about your job?
My favorite part of my job is building the busses.  I actually design and create the busses from scratch (we get a shell and start from there).  I have spent too many of my days in fabric shops and other weird places a for materials. It’s quite a challenge!

What’s your biggest challenge with work?
It seems like all you do when you own your own business is accounting, and I am not terribly fond of that. However, I would say my least favorite aspect of owning a business is management.  I do not like confrontation and it’s difficult to be stern in some situations.  Also, you have to decide everyday which direction you want to go with the business and focus your daily activities around that vision.

What’s your greatest achievement?
When I was at Auburn University, I won the College Mascot National Championship.  How bizarre is that? I am also very proud of the fact I have traveled to over 35 countries around the world—all on a shoestring budget.  That has been a wonderful education and an enlightening experience.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for making life better?
Keep a daily journal that you write in every morning or just before bed. Start with positive affirmations and also write about far-fetched goals or dreams you have in life. Finish with positive things that happened the day before or that day.  It will change your life.

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