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My Best Self: Christine Pullara

My Best Self: Christine Pullara

Christine Pullara has been in front of a camera since she began modeling at 13. So it’s no wonder she’s an expert at making the guests on her hit weekday talk show, “Atlanta & Company,” feel as comfortable onscreen as she does. Pullara’s radiant authenticity has translated into a successful media career as an award-winning news anchor, show host, and producer with major networks and channels such as NBC and HGTV. Today, she is just as passionate about sharing the stories of the “Big Peach” and the people that call it home, as she was when she first moved here in 2005.


By India Powell


What advice would you give to a budding journalist? Try to make meaningful connections. Learn every aspect of the business—writing, editing, and videotaping. Show up, work hard, and create a reputation for yourself that will leave people with a positive impression of you so they hire you again and again.

Are there ever days you just feel like pulling the covers up over your head and not going on air? How do you deal with that? All the time! First, I pour myself a cup of coffee, and that helps. Then I remember that I am lucky to be making a living doing what I love. Gratitude is a great motivator.

How do you balance career and family? Do I? Ha! No, honestly. It’s really hard! I’ve been striving to be more present. I want to do impactful work in the community, but I also need to be there for my family. My girls like games and they love being outside. At night, I’ve started reading the Bible to them. Not the kiddie version, but the real deal and they have lots of questions. It starts great conversations.

You’re in amazing shape! What’s your workout secret? It ain’t easy! I’m into classes or working out with a trainer. I’m not very disciplined on my own and I know that about myself. I turned 48 in April and five pounds have snuck up on me. So, I’m working out with one of my favorite trainers, Lawton Hydrick, at The Forum Athletic Club. He makes me use heavy weights and do cardio spurts.

How do you nurture your inner self and spirituality? I am now in a great women’s group that’s held at my friend’s office. These are fabulous ladies who inspire and motivate me to live my best life but also accept my shortcomings. They are beautiful souls, and I think it’s so important to surround yourself with a circle of women you love, respect, and admire as you walk together in faith.

What inspires you? Thoughtfulness, kindness, laughter, and joy. With all that’s going on in the world, I especially love it when friends are eating and drinking together, kids are running around laughing, and we’re just enjoying one another. I grew up watching my family do that and that’s what I hope to create in my own home.

How do you give back? I frequently get asked to emcee events or be on committees. I love to bring fun and excitement to a special moment and help raise as much money as I can for an organization!

Who helps you be your best self? I would have to say my husband, Jim. He really is my best friend and he’s a wonderful, caring man. When I’m feeling stressed or frazzled, he’s a great problem solver and helps me keep my priorities in perspective. Another person who helps me be my best self is my makeup artist, Nyssa Green. She smooths away the bags and blemishes and makes me feel great.

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