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Meredith Boyd: 2022 Cover Award Winner: Confidence Creator and Community Leader

Meredith Boyd: 2022 Cover Award Winner: Confidence Creator and Community Leader

Over 40 & Fabulous! Cover Award Winner, Meredith Boyd

Meredith Boyd is passionate about giving the invaluable gift of confidence to others. A professional hair and makeup artist, the 48-year-old’s face lights up when she talks about what a privilege it is to help people look and feel like their best selves. Beauty doesn’t just run skin deep for this beauty entrepreneur, though. The charismatic community leader has overcome her fair share of challenges and has risen to the occasion time and time again to give back to others and brighten every room she walks in.

What do you love most about being over 40?

The saying “Life begins at 40” is true. At this age, I have the wisdom and authority to really make a change. I am more confident in making decisions that are right for me and know that removing negative energy unapologetically is within my power. We have such little time on earth; I’m determined to spend my precious time wisely.

What inspires you to get up every morning?

I will never forget meeting an incredibly warm and sweet woman named Karen in my makeup chair. I had no idea why she was in my chair that day on set, but she told me she had never felt this beautiful in such a long time. She was incredibly humble and kind, and left with her shoulders and spirits held high. The producer later told me that she was Ted Bundy’s first victim. A chilling bolt rushed through my spine as I realized the atrocities she had faced, and how she pressed on. My life is forever changed having met her, knowing I have the unique opportunity to impact someone’s life and help them feel like their best self.

What is your favorite way to give back to your community, and why?

I have battled rheumatoid arthritis since I was 15 years old, undergoing surgeries, getting injections and fighting back against chronic pain. Throughout my journey, I have made a commitment to champion the fight to conquer arthritis by creating connections, breaking down barriers and advocating for patients’ rights. I have worked with the Arthritis Foundation for the past 26 years, emceeing numerous events and serving as a national spokesperson. I was named the Adult Honoree for the Atlanta Walk to Cure Arthritis and served as co-chair for the Crystal Ball. I’m in pain every day, but I will never stop fighting for a cure.

What have you learned to appreciate that you didn’t when you were younger?

Celebrating female entrepreneurs! I never dreamed I’d own my own business and have clients fly me around the world to work with them. Making people feel and look beautiful is a childhood dream come true. Now established in my career, I feel called to lift up other women and I am incredibly humbled to help young makeup artists realize their dreams.

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