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Meet Kacy Henderson: Atlanta Sport & Social Veteran and Proud Plant Parent

Meet Kacy Henderson: Atlanta Sport & Social Veteran and Proud Plant Parent

Kacy Henderson
by Wyndi Kappes, Photography by Elle Wood

Kacy Henderson | Age: 32

Sport: Flag Football

Atlanta Sport and Social Club

Kacy Henderson describes himself as the laziest person he knows, but his friends and teammates know that’s not true. A runner, weight lifter, cyclist, swimmer and yogi, Kacy’s evenings are filled with more than just flag football. Looking for a way to connect when he moved to Atlanta for his job in information technology at the CDC, Kacy discovered Atlanta Sport and Social Club when it was just getting off the ground, and he hasn’t looked back since. From playing quarterback to safety, Kacy has been an integral part of Atlanta Sport and Social Club flag football teams for over four years.

Q: How did you first get involved with Atlanta Sport and Social Club?

Kacy Henderson: I was walking in Piedmont Park when I saw a flag football team playing, and the first thing I said when I walked up was, ‘Hey! Y’all sorry!’ Needless to say, I struck up a conversation with the quarterback of the team, Cory Ezzard, and we spent hours talking sports after that game. He is the reason I play with Atlanta Sport and Social, and we’ve been on the same team ever since!

Q: What helps you perform best during a game?

KH: I love listening to music when I am playing. As of late, I always have one AirPod in throughout the game listening to soca or reggae music. It helps me with my flow and keeps me focused and having fun.

Q: Do you put much thought into what you eat, or do you ascribe to any special diets?

KH: I was a vegetarian for a while but struggled to keep up with cooking at home. I am on a juice kick right now. I love going to the farmers market and picking up fresh fruits and veggies to make into a nutritious blend.

Q: Why do you think more men should get involved in nonprofessional sports?

KH: Aside from being a great way to socialize, it’s a healthy outlet for stress and is way less boring than just going to the gym. I think it also brings out your inner kid.

Q: What else do you do to stay happy and healthy across the board?

KH: I have gained quite a few plants over quarantine and now have around 60 plants in my man cave. I have always had a green thumb and enjoy taking care of my plants and doing yoga surrounded by them.

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