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Jess Toews: Inspiring Families Through Innovative Therapy

Jess Toews: Inspiring Families Through Innovative Therapy

Jessica Toews

40 Under 40 Inspiring Innovators Top 10 Winner

Jess Toews believes barriers give us the chance to create solutions. The moment reading became a struggle for her oldest son, Clive, the Berkeley Lake mother was determined to find a solution to help him succeed. That’s when she discovered The Sensory Learning Program and its profound positive impact. Hoping to expose more people to this life-changing method, she opened BrainVive, a center dedicated to The Sensory Learning Program that provides unique, noninvasive therapy to Atlanta families.

Q: What would you tell someone considering BrainVive?

Jess Toews: Every single person has unleashed potential. Most people don’t realize retraining their nervous system can improve overall performance. The Sensory Learning Program at BrainVive targets the sensory system directly to help with inattention, dyslexia, memory recall and more.

Q: Tell us your favorite experience while working at BrainVive.

Jess Toews: I’m proud of making a difference in the lives of adults and kids at our center. A mom once told me that her family had hope again after their son completed the program at BrainVive. Transformations like this are why I love what I do.

Q: What do you think has contributed to your success?

Jess Toews: My mom always taught me the key to success is asking good questions and surrounding yourself with good people. I’m grateful I’ve had such amazing mentors like the talented Dr. Taz Bhatia, who I worked with for almost a decade. She taught me how to inspire women, chase my dreams and start with healing at home.,

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