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How To Be Fabulous Over 40

How To Be Fabulous Over 40

Dr. Candance Kimbrough-Green, of Dermatology Consultants, speaks about areas of concern she sees among most aging women in her practice. “Many patients who come to my office for cosmetic concerns are interested in the disappearance of minor fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin—just not feeling as good as they did about their appearance during their 30s, particularly about their face.” When asked why signs of aging often make an appearance in the eye area first, Dr. Kimbrough-Green explains, “People look at you in your eyes—that’s where you express yourself. I equate the problem to pumping iron. You’re constantly using those muscles to frown or raise your brow. Some people have those lines between their brows because they use those muscles so much that they are ingrained with wrinkles. They end up looking angry even though they are at rest.” Dr. Kimbrough-Green says that there is an easy solution. “Most women do not need any major procedures done; we use Botox in the upper face to relax those muscles. It makes the patient look and feel so much more pleasant and rested.”

Dr. Candance Kimbrough-Green is a board-certified dermatologist and has been practicing for over two decades. After her undergraduate studies at Yale University, she returned home to the University of Michigan for her medical and dermatology training. Dr. Green is a partner at Dermatology Consultants in Metro Atlanta. She is designated as an Expert Injector, ranking in the top 1% of lead injectors nationally.


2-WhitemanDr. David Whiteman notes that, over the years, many of the clients who walked through the doors of Southern Plastic Surgery have devoted so much time to family, friends, work and charitable organizations, that they have been unable to carve out time to work toward their personal improvement goals. Dr. Whiteman loves nothing more than helping his patients build the dream body they have always wanted, on their terms—when the time is right for them and their lifestyle. He points out that surgical options to make someone feel young and vibrant are more affordable and accessible than people think. “We actually see a number of women who come into the office considering tummy tucks. Sometimes they combine those with breast procedures; some people will call those kind of procedures a ‘mommy makeover.’ These patients have had kids, they’re working and now they want to do something for themselves.”

Double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Whiteman has performed an extensive range of breast, facial and body procedures for over two decades. With a focus marked by a dedication to patient education and awareness, he wants every patient to be comfortable and confident in their goals and his abilities as their surgeon.


3-KingDr. Debra Gray King and her team at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry believe in the power of a great smile. A wide grin instantly brightens the face and shows the world your spirit. Giving people their smile back is one of the most rewarding facets of Dr. King’s career. “Just being able to make people love their smiles and feel confident—so many people hide their smile or don’t smile in family photos. They have teeth that aren’t very white or have old dentistry. One of the services we provide is anti-aging dentistry. So frequently when you get to be our age [over 40], you’ve had dentistry done over the years, so it doesn’t all match. We call that ‘middle-aged mouth,’ and it can actually make you look older. When we do smile designs, we take the approach of giving you beautiful, healthy and natural looking teeth. Because your smile can really take years and years off of your whole aging process!”

Dr. Debra Gray King is regarded by many as one of the nation’s leading female cosmetic dentists and is recognized by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry as one of 47 Accredited Fellows worldwide. She has been featured on The Doctors and Extreme Makeover, as well as in The Wall Street Journal and various news media outlets. With over 100 years of combined experience and thousands of smiles transformed, the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry attracts patients from all over the nation and all walks of life. The Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is a distinguished dental practice known for world-class smile transformations, with an emphasis on porcelain restorations. They strive to deliver the highest standard dental care in their one-of-a-kind, world-renowned dental spa.


4-AlexanderDr. Diane Alexander, co-founder of Artisan Plastic Surgery, an all-women-physician practice, views plastic surgery as an intimate art form—one she uses to help patients enhance their beauty and restore their self-esteem. “One of the first signs of aging that we see is around our eyes. Patients in their 40s are concerned about looking old, tired, angry or sad. I love doing the eyelid surgery because there’s very little pain involved, the scars heal beautifully and we do it in a natural way that refreshes the face! It doesn’t change how the face looks or the shape of the eyes. The patient is rejuvenated, but doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone because they still look like themselves, just better and more youthful.” She advises people in their 40s to start thinking about aging and health. “In addition to surgical procedures and injections, I emphasize the health of your skin in my practice, because healthy skin is youthful and beautiful. We encourage lifestyle changes for our patients that will enhance your beauty from the inside out.”

Atlanta plastic surgeon Diane Z. Alexander, MD, FACS, specializes in cosmetic facial surgery, body contouring, breast rejuvenation, mommy-makeovers and breast-cancer reconstruction. In September 2000, she co-founded the first all-women-physician plastic surgery practice in Atlanta, Artisan Plastic Surgery. The practice now has four plastic surgeons and 25 staff in two offices. Artisan is the largest all-female-physician plastic surgery practice in the United States.


5-FoleyGeneral manager of Windy Hill Athletic Club Karen Foley considers her number-one mission to be helping members achieve their fitness goals, no matter how big or small. She explains that fitting exercise into daily life is a challenge at any age, but for those who are over 40 it can be especially daunting. She encourages members to create an exercise regime that’s right for them and their lifestyle. Foley’s philosophy is to focus less on asking them to stick to a tedious routine and more to push them to simply keep moving. Foley says there’s been a big shift in the fitness industry toward working out to feel comfortable in your own skin. “My job in general is to inspire, lead and coach my team of managers, coaches (Pilates, Group, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Tennis, Aquatic), hospitality associates, Kidtown associates, café staff and membership advisors to inspire and create the right environment for all of our members to move in any way that they want. Our promise to the members is that WE INSPIRE YOU THROUGH MOVEMENT, COMMUNITY and PERSONAL ATTENTION. We call our clients ‘members’ because they are part of our family and community.”

Karen Foley has been the General Manager at Windy Hill Athletic Club for the past four years. Prior to Windy Hill, she worked for 12 years at Athletic Club Northeast. A fitness enthusiast, Karen loves to bike, cross-train and play tennis. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and hiking.


6-Madison-JamesWhen BeltLine Ambassador and Multimedia Personality Madison James became heavily involved with nonprofits close to her heart, like the Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta and AID Atlanta, one of the most rewarding discoveries she made was that her work inspired others to get involved and give back to organizations in their communities. When advising 40-somethings on ways to find inspiration and meaning in their lives, she suggests starting with what’s around them—look to your children’s school, your place of worship, or research an issue that has impacted your life or the lives of those you care about. “Volunteer! If you want to get connected, maybe do it just for yourself or get the kids involved. Teach kids that life isn’t just about them. If you’re single, get your friends involved. Maybe you weren’t directly affected by a cause, but maybe you have friends who were. By the time you’re 40, so many things have happened to you or others around you—your experiences should inspire you to get involved and make a difference.”

Madison James is a Multimedia Personality and Lifestyle Enthusiast. Madison hosts the top-rated afternoon-drive radio show on B98.5/Atlanta, is a featured reporter for the syndicated entertainment magazine “Hot Topics” and hosts WSB-TV’s “460”. Madison is the Ambassador for the Atlanta BeltLine, one of the country’s largest urban development projects. She is also deeply involved with Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta.


7-HrobowskiWhen Dr. Tara Hrobowski of Piedmont Heart Institute worked in a research lab after college, she realized that, although she loved the science involved, she craved a more personal interaction with patients. Now, as an advanced heart failure and transplant cardiologist, she finds the biggest reward in her job is that she gets to give people a second chance. “In the appropriate candidates, we are able to provide access to cardiac assist devices and transplantation, each of which can give a patient a new lease on life. I have seen patients come to us at Piedmont, have advanced heart failure therapies, whether medical or surgical, and a few months later be back to enjoying the things that they love. That’s amazing.” And she treasures the relationships she develops with the families of her patients. Her advice to someone in their 40s is, “Make sure your loved ones know how you feel about them every single day. It’s the little things that you do for people that lets them know you love them.” She counsels her patients to take action. “I tell my patients that we are partners on their journey to good health. They have to be held accountable in order for healing to take place.”

Tara N. Hrobowski, MD, is an advanced heart failure and heart transplant cardiologist at Piedmont Heart Institute. She is board-certified in internal medicine, nuclear cardiology, echocardiography and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Hrobowski is a member of the American Heart Association, American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, Heart Failure Society of America and the International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT).


8-HightowerSteve Hightower, owner of the award-winning Steve Hightower Hair Salon, has dedicated his life to building his salon business, studying and working as a stylist in New York, Chicago, Dallas and Paris. He explains his philosophy, “If you look good, you’re going to feel good.” He begins with the premise that your hair is your crown of glory. “I cut your hair according to your features—your body type, lifestyle, facial features. I want you to feel glamorous, but I try to make it realistic. It’s important to feel self-confident when you do your hair at home.” He explains that his clients who are over 40 are concerned about thinning hair and assume they should go lighter to camouflage and blend in any gray. “That’s just not true. Hair needs to match skin tones, not age. Hair needs to have depth to it. If it’s been bleached to death, it isn’t going to style well or have shine. Most thinning hair is fine and cannot take a lot of lightening without breaking. If you tone it down, it’ll look thicker and won’t accentuate things we don’t like to see, like crow’s feet. Light reflects light. It’s the integrity of the hair that’s important.”

Steve Hightower is recognized as one of the finest hairdressers in Atlanta. Steve never went to beauty school. His mother taught him hair in their kitchen. For nearly three decades Steve has been an Atlanta salon owner and fine and thinning hair specialist. Steve sculpt cuts hair to the shape of the face and density of the hair. Steve assists celebrities and everyday people achieve their personal best look.


9-FrixEvery day, Dr. Tara Frix sees patients who suffer from joint pain, whether it’s caused by injury or age-related problems like osteoarthritis. She describes the impact of those problems, noting that “most patients are just looking to be happy and able to live their lives again without being miserable or depressed from their pain. My job allows me to see a patient begin to feel better and live a happier life—I love that I can change people’s lives.” Her practice, Total Healthcare, offers patients a diagnosis from a team of specialists all under one roof—like osteopathic doctors, medical doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists. The team seeks to identify the root cause of a patient’s pain and eliminate it with a non-surgical approach, avoiding the use of painkillers and steroids and instead using a combination of bio-therapeutic injections and therapy. When asked what advice Dr. Frix would give a 40-something who comes to her about spine or joint pain, she says, “It always surprises me to learn how quickly surgery has been recommended. We focus our effort on avoiding surgery if at all possible and, a lot of times, it is!”

Tara Frix, DC, completed her undergraduate, earning a BS in Nutrition and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life University. Her postgraduate studies include extremity adjustment technique and modalities, making her well-versed in treatment protocols for the entire body. Dr. Frix is originally from South Carolina and enjoys studying new languages in her spare time.



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