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How Is Your Sexual Confidence? 5 Questions to Answer

How Is Your Sexual Confidence? 5 Questions to Answer

Despite what popular culture may have you think, sexual confidence doesn’t come from perfect abs, a sleek sports car, or even a lot of sexual experience.

Sexual confidence feels different to everyone, but it starts with feeling good in your body. Body confidence lets you forget your insecurities to focus on what you want, how to ask for it, and how to return the favor.

There is a new way to describe men who exude this confidence that makes them irresistible: Big Dick Energy, or BDE.

A man with BDE comes across as effortlessly sexy. Friendly, but in control, and free from any hangups about his body or what he offers his partners. This confidence doesn’t just stay in the  bedroom, but follows him into all situations.

Do you have BDE? Here are five questions to think about.

1. Do You Believe You Deserve Sexual Pleasure?

Feeling open and deserving of sexual pleasure is the bedrock of sexual confidence. If you feel confident, your partner will too. Nothing is sexier than a man who commands attention and follows through when he gets it.

2. Do You Comfortably and Regularly Check In With Your Partner?

Communication is one of the sexiest things you can do with your clothes on. Men with BDE feel comfortable discussing the state of their sex life with their partners without judgement or ulterior motive. This kind of sexual clarity can lead to a lot of spicy new ideas and avoid embarrassing missteps.

3. Can You Ask for What You Want?

A man who knows what he wants and the right way to ask for it has a much better chance at a happy ending. It all comes back to feeling worthy of the time, effort, and focus of your partner to fulfill your desires.

4. Can You Easily Recover from Sexual Mishaps?

From stumbles on the way to the bed to position transitions that are less than graceful, everyone has moments that are more eek than oh yeah. What truly matters is how you recover. A man with sexual confidence knows how to roll with the punches and downplay any embarrassment that might arise. This keeps your partner feeling comfortable, confident, and (most importantly) in the mood.

5. Are You Worried About Your Size?

It’s hard to feel sexually confident when you aren’t happy with your penis size. While penis size isn’t everything, you deserve to feel good about your body and what you offer a sexual partner.

That is the founding mission behind Prometheus by Dr. Malik. Dr. Malik believes in making men’s sexual health accessible to everyone with permanent, non-surgical penis enlargement. You can increase your length and girth with an outpatient procedure in our office—no surgery, pills, or anesthesia needed.

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