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What You Need to Know About EVO®

What You Need to Know About EVO®

Seeking a lasting solution to your nearsightedness that frees you from the inconvenience of glasses or contact lenses? Look no further! Discover the potential answer you’ve been searching for with EVO® ICL.

Q: What is EVO®?

EVO® is the most recent evolution in visual corrective surgery and one that truly takes restorative vision to a new dimension. Short for EVO® ICL, EVO® is an implantable collamer lens that is positioned right below the surface of the eye to correct both myopia and myopia with astigmatism.

Q: How is EVO® different than LASIK?

While both are effective options, the EVO® lens is additive, meaning it doesn’t require the removal of any corneal tissue as laser vision correction procedures do. Furthermore, should the need ever arise, the EVO® lens can be removed.

Q: What are the benefits of EVO®?

In addition to freedom from dependence on contacts or glasses, the biocompatible EVO® lens works in harmony with the natural eye without removing any corneal tissue to provide sharp, clear vision and excellent night vision. It goes even further by offering UV protection and doesn’t cause dry eye syndrome. Furthermore, patients who are not candidates for LASIK, like those with thin corneas, may have an alternative option with EVO®.

Q: What does the procedure involve?

The EVO® lens is slightly smaller than a contact lens. It is placed between the iris and and the natural lens in a 20-30 minute outpatient procedure per eye. Short and painless for patients and faster and more efficient for doctors than traditional laser surgeries, the procedure has a minimal recovery time.

Q: Is EVO® available in Atlanta?

(L TO R): Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Surgeons Andrew S. Feinberg, MD and Evan D. Schoenberg, MD

Yes. While only approximately 600 doctors in the country are trained and approved to perform the procedure, Doctors Andrew Feinberg and Evan D. Schoenberg at Georgia Eye Partners are among the select few to offer it to patients. If you are interested in learning more, contact Georgia Eye Partners to see if EVO® is the right solution for your distance vision needs.

Georgia Eye Partners • • 404.531.9988

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