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Fashion Meets Passion: Meet 2023’s Over 40 Alumni Runway Models and Donate to Their Charities

Fashion Meets Passion: Meet 2023’s Over 40 Alumni Runway Models and Donate to Their Charities

Fashion Meets Passion Fundraising

Introducing the Dazzling Stars of the Runway: Our Over 40 & Fabulous! Alumni! 🌟

Prepare to be captivated by this year’s lineup of runway models, each with a heart full of passion for their chosen charity. But, we can’t make this show-stopping event happen without your incredible support! Get ready to be swept off your feet as you meet our exceptional participants, learn about the inspiring local nonprofits they’ll represent on stage and have the opportunity to contribute to their worthy causes.

Our mission is crystal clear: Let’s shatter records and raise an electrifying $25,000 or more this year for these incredible local charities!

Scroll down now to donate on behalf of your favorite alumni or cause and then make sure to join us for all the excitement as they strut their stuff in support of their charity at the Over 40 & Fabulous Fashion Meets Passion Charity Fashion Show and Cover Winner Reveal on October 25.

Get your tickets here.

Aisha Danzy-$1,235 Raised

Aisha Danzy-Jamaica Me CareGarland Hall Orphanage

Garland Hall Memorial Children’s Home is an orphanage for children near Montego Bay. Aisha S. Danzy and her family contributed through their organization Jamaica Me Care to provide educational resources, access to technology, and opportunities that will allow students to strive for more while embracing their Jamaican culture. You can donate to Garland Hall Orphanage on behalf of Aisha Danzy here.

Alyson Hoag-$520 Raised

Alyson Hoag-VDayThe City of Joy/V-Day

Vday is a movement to end violence against women and girls worldwide. The City of Joy is a refuge for women and girls who have been brutalized. After having been informed about these atrocities over 16 years ago and spending time with Vday founders and the director of the City of Joy, I am committed to bringing awareness to the world! You can donate to The City of Joy/V-Day on behalf of Alyson Hoag here.

Buffie Jubard-$300 Raised

Buffie Jubard Chemo Care KitThe Chemo Care Kit Project

The CCK Project exists to offer women receiving chemotherapy the gift of love, understanding and empathy through a kit that includes helpful comfort items to be used during their chemotherapy treatments. “I’m passionate about this project as I have seen first hand how cancer affects a person physically, mentally, and emotionally. Moreover, I’ve witnessed how even small acts of kindness can create a profound impact on someone’s spirit”—Buffie Jubard. You can donate to the CCK Project on behalf of Buffie Jubard here.

Dina Giesler-$1,300 Raised

Dina Giesler-Atlanta Smiles FoundationThe Atlanta Smiles Foundation

The mission of The Atlanta Smiles Foundation is to provide dental restoration and facial reconstructive services to survivors of domestic abuse. By mending their smile, we send them on their journey to reclaiming their self-esteem, their sense of value, and their lives. You can donate to the Atlanta Smiles Foundation on behalf of Dina Giesler here.

Eileen Rosencrants-$1,010 Raised

A well-loved real estate agent with Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty, Eileen Rosencrants is delighted to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s research. Her participation in this year’s Dancing Stars of Atlanta competition spotlights not only a commitment to touching her community but also a deeply personal celebration of life. With a family history entwined with the disease, her dedication to Alzheimer’s research is born out of profound empathy and a desire to make a difference. You can donate to Dancing Stars of Atlanta for Alzheimer’s on behalf of Eileen Rosencrants.

Gulliana Goehring-$930 Raised

Gulliana Goehring-Angels Among US Pet RescueAngels Among Us Pet Rescue

The mission of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue is to “Rescue One Until There Are None.” They save animals from high-kill shelters all over Georgia and place them in forever homes. In addition, they provide the education and tools foster parents and adopters need to provide a loving environment for these pets. Part of their mission is to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and be the voice for neglected animals. My family and I have fostered and volunteered for AAUPR since 2015 and have fostered over 150 dogs and cats. We also have a foster failure, Stanley Man, a 10-year-old Shih Tzu mix that we adopted when he was 2 years old. You can donate to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue on behalf of Gulliana Goehring here.

Karen Patton-$2,145 Raised

Karen Patton-American Heart AssociationAmerican Heart Association

This will be my 4th year raising money for the American Heart Association with the goal of them finding a cure for heart disease. I honor close family friend Jake Urowsky. Jake was born with a serious heart condition that almost took his life at just a few weeks old. Although Jake lives with a pacemaker, and has been through several heart surgeries, he is currently 21 years old and thriving at Florida State University. You can donate to the American Heart Association on behalf of Karen Patton here.

Kim Cooper-$1,465 Raised 

Kim Cooper-Children Helping ChildrenChildren Helping Children

Educating and Empowering Philanthropic Youth in Atlanta. Where teens and kids can give back together in fun and meaningful ways. You can donate to Children Helping Children on behalf of Kim Cooper here. 

Kim Vaughn-$2,395 Raised

Kim Vaughn-Sjögren’s Foundation

Sjögren’s Foundation

Sjögrens (SHOW-grins), the “Desert Disease,” is the second most common autoimmune disease. Kim serves as a national voice for Sjögrens patients through her awareness initiatives, advocacy and fundraising. You can donate to the Sjögren’s Foundation on behalf of Kim Vaughn here.

Leta Brooks Hays-$350 Raised

Leta Brooks-Kidney Donor AthletesKidney Donor Athletes

As a kidney donor and an accomplished athlete, Leta Brooks Hays is one of 19 donors chosen worldwide to participate in a “3-Volcano Summit” in Guatemala this December. Kidney Donor Athletes is the organization sponsoring the adventure.  The mission is to prove that you can donate a kidney and still complete amazing physical challenges.  The team will summit 3 volcanoes in one week.  The mission of Kidney Donor Athletes and the “One Kidney Climb” is to show that people who are active, healthy, and athletic make the best donors. They don’t need to be afraid to donate for fear they can’t live the active life they want.  There are currently over 100,000 people in the US waiting on a kidney donation.  Most of us have 2 kidneys and can live a fulfilled life with only one.  You can donate to Kidney Donor Athletes on behalf of Leta Brooks here.

Lisa Koehler-$690 Raised

Lisa Koehler-Dancing Stars of Atlanta for Alzheimer’sDancing Stars of Atlanta for Alzheimer’s

Dancing Stars of Atlanta is an amazing fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association. My grandmother suffered and passed away from this horrible disease. As a 2022 Star Dancer and member of the Mirror Ball Committee this organization is near and dear to my heart. The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research. Worldwide, 55 million people are living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The first survivor of Alzheimer’s is out there, but we won’t get there without your support. You can donate to Dancing Stars of Atlanta for Alzheimer’s on behalf of Lisa Koehler.

Lisa Washington-$1,400 Raised

Lisa Washington Angels of Life for The Georgia Transplant FoundationAngels of Life for The Georgia Transplant Foundation

Angels of Life for Georgia Transplant Foundation puts on a hair and fashion show each year to help raise fund for GTF. GTF are the primary source for transplant patient assistance and support for all solid organ transplantation in the entire state of Georgia. My passionate is because I am transplant recipient and understand the struggle and stress of the journey of needing an organ. You can donate to Angels of Life for The Georgia Transplant Foundation on behalf of Lisa Washington here.

Lynn Bridges McCray-$70 Raised

Lynn Bridges McCray-Eco SneakersEco Sneakers

Eco Sneakers provides shoes to the needy, upcycles unwearable pairs, and has repurposed 460,000+ sneakers, while curbing landfill waste and safeguarding soil and groundwater. You can donate to Eco Sneakers on behalf of Lynn McCray here.

Melanie Archer-$1,710 Raised

Melanie Archer-Georgia Center for Child AdvocacyThe Georgia Center for Child Advocacy

The mission of the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy is to champion the needs of sexually and severely physically abused children through prevention, intervention, therapy, and collaboration. Through a collaborative effort to promote healthy outcomes in Georgia, GCCA equips adults and youth with awareness, prevention education, and resources to take action. You can donate to the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy on behalf of Melanie Archer here.

Meredith Boyd-$3,816 Raised

Meredith Boyd-JDRFJDRF

At age 17, my husband Matt was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I am walking for him and the 1.45 million Americans with T1D. We are passionately driven to end this disease once and for all. Your generosity will help bring resounding hope for a cure! You can donate to JDRF on behalf of Meredith Boyd here.

Nic Blaize-$280 Raised

Nic Blaize-Dorothy’s HouseDorothy’s House

Launched in 2015, Dorothy’s House was created to address an ongoing problem that teens that age out of foster care and orphanages with little to no resources face. These teens often face hardships and can become homeless. Homeless teens become a target for crime and unfortunately, fall victim to sex trafficking. You can donate to Dorothy’s House on behalf of Nic Blaize here.

Nicole Ivers-$1,120 Raised

Nicole Ivers-Kids’ Chance of GeorgiaKids’ Chance of Georgia

Kids’ Chance of Georgia provides educational scholarships to the children of Georgia workers who have been seriously, catastrophically or fatally injured in work-related accidents. As a Health and Safety professional, I am fiercely passionate about protecting workers so they can go home to their families every day. You can donate to Kids’ Chance of Georgia on behalf of Nicole Ivers here.

Paige Conner

Paige Connor, Over 40 & Fabulous Fashion Meets Passion

Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritan’s Purse goes to the aid of the world’s poor, sick and suffering, helping meet needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ. You can donate to Samaritan’s Purse on behalf of Paige Conner here.

Pitter Goughnour-$1,150 Raised

Pitter Goughnour-Widow StrongWidow Strong

Being a Widow myself, having lost the father of my daughter, and knowing first-hand the challenges that come when your life is turned upside down in an instant. I chose to support Widow Strong. It is so necessary and rewarding to give back to other widows and their families who may have lost their husband, father of their children, co-parent, and one of the main income sources to their family. Knowing we can help encourage and empower widowed families the way others helped me is life changing! You can donate to Widow Strong on behalf of Pitter Goughnour here.

Randall K Smith-$2,180 Raised

Randall K Smith-Renaissance KaresRenaissance Kares

Renaissance Kares mission is to educate, elevate, and inspire youth and adults in the LGBTQ community through diversity and inclusion. I am especially passionate about creating positive peer mentor partnerships to help with healthcare, housing, education/career choices as well as positive physical/mental health because pride is for everyone who believes in equality. You can donate to Renaissance Kares on behalf of Randall Smith here.

Steve Hightower-$2,160 Raised

Steve Hightower-Atlanta Dancing With The Stars for Alzheimer'sAtlanta Dancing With The Stars for Alzheimer’s

I lost my mother 1 year ago to this horrific disease, Alzheimer’s. The forgetting, yelling, uncontrollable crying, throwing anything reachable, an outburst of laughing for no reason, forgetting how to walk and talk, not eating or drinking and finally passing. Then there is the cost of care which is unbelievable. When talking about Alzheimers, people don’t often talk about the realities of what the patient goes through and what the family goes through. That’s what I want to bring awareness to. Help me help find a cure. You can donate to Dancing Stars of Atlanta for Alzheimer’s on behalf of Steve Hightower here.

Tanya Mendoza-$1,570 Raised

Tanya Mendoza-North Atlanta Toys For TotsNorth Atlanta Toys For Tots

For the past 17 years, I have supported the North Atlanta Toys For Tots program. I have assisted in their local media campaign by organizing live remotes for FOX 5/WAGA TV to encourage members of the community to participate in donating toys during the holiday season. I have also volunteered at The Great Toy Drop, an event put on just before Christmas as a final push for people to donate toys for the less fortunate during the holidays. Every year my family donates to the North Atlanta Toys For Tots campaign. Giving back to the community is important to us. You can donate to North Atlanta Toys For Tots on behalf of Tanya Mendoza here.

Tom Sullivan-$380 Raised

Tom Sullivan-Safehouse OutreachSafehouse Outreach

For over 38 years, Safehouse has helped restore lives experiencing extreme poverty to independent living through faith, love and compassion. Thank you for helping change lives. You can donate to Safehouse Outreach on behalf of Tom Sullivan here.

Tonya Mclarty-$2,000 Raised

Tonya Mclarty -Make a Wish GeorgiaMake a Wish Georgia

Make a Wish grants wishes for critically ill children and their families to give them hope and happiness while focusing on medical treatments. You can donate to Make a Wish Georgia on behalf of Tonya McIarty here.

Yolanda White-$650 Raised

Yolanda White-Meals on Wheels AtlantaMeals On Wheels Atlanta

Meals On Wheels Atlanta has been on a mission since 1965 to support seniors struggling with poverty, food insecurity, and social isolation. In 2022, MOWA served over 525,000 meals, and this year, they will increase the number of meals delivered to over 620,000. However, with the rising cost of food and more people living longer, we need your support. You can donate to Meals On Wheels Atlanta on behalf of Yolanda White here.

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