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Evan Brock: Inspiring Athlete, Filmmaker and Community Connector

Evan Brock: Inspiring Athlete, Filmmaker and Community Connector

Evan Brock embodies the essence of adaptability. After a career in professional basketball, Brock fearlessly embarked on a new path, capturing the untold stories of athletes’ post-sports experiences. As the founder of The Circle Network, he fosters powerful connections and encourages business success. Evan’s journey showcases the invaluable lesson of embracing change with grace
and gratitude. With unwavering determination, he continues to inspire as an athlete, filmmaker and visionary entrepreneur.

As a retired professional basketball player, what inspired you to transition into filmmaking?

My documentary is about the untold story of what athletes go through in their transition from the sport to real life. Covering things from identity crisis, dating, family and friends, financial issues, how to get into business and a few other things. The reason I decided to shine a light on this is due to such a high number of pro athletes being lost after the game is over for them. The lack of influence and money, along with being mentally trained for one thing for so long and having to transition from having the dream job to real life, is a shock for most players. I wanted to provide solutions to all those struggling with these issues and the family members, friends and significant others who have to deal with it.

What’s your favorite way to expand your mind?

I love traveling. I’ve ventured to the Dominican Republic, South Korea and the Philippines to name a few. Besides adapting to different cultures and languages, it’s always enlightening to see and learn about different ways of life.

Tell us more about the high-profile networking organization you founded.

The Circle Network is unique in that it provides opportunities for new relationships in business. I’m always referred to as the plug or facilitator for new business ventures. Instead of meeting one-on-one, I created a business model for myself and my friends to build, grow, network and pitch new ideas in an in-person social setting. My hope is to have all members in a position of power within their communities and have the business success that they desire.

How do you balance your career commitments and personal life?

I wake up as early as possible, health is my priority, so I make sure to get in a workout first thing every day. Time is very valuable for me so I work to spend it wisely. I am very cognizant of the hours in a day and make sure I do as much as possible, carving out time to spend with loved ones regularly to relax and recharge.

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