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Eileen Rosencrants- 2019 Over 40 & Fab Top 10

Eileen Rosencrants- 2019 Over 40 & Fab Top 10

Eileen Rosencrants

04 Eileen-Rosencrants-6x10Eileen Rosencrants

Eileen Rosencrants has never been scared to take the road less traveled. The vivacious Keller Williams Atlanta Perimeter realtor, 67, finds joy in lifting up those around her.

Did your parents look and act the way you do when they were over 40?

Not at all. We were a very traditional Irish-Italian Catholic family. Every Sunday, we went to church, had dinner at 1 p.m., and went to visit our grandparents or cousins. That tradition created a strong family bond that still exists today. At the time, I yearned to spread my wings. After college, I did that by being the first person in my family to move away from Massachusetts and come to Atlanta.

What do you love most about this stage of life?

With each decade comes more wisdom, acceptance, and perspective. I don’t take things as personally anymore and realize it’s not about me, but somebody might just be having a bad day.

What is your favorite way to give back to the community?

There are many wonderful organizations in Atlanta supporting the arts, and that fight illnesses that affect my family or friends. I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering in various capacities for numerous charities for over 30 years. The Arthritis Foundation has been a primary focus for the past 10 years, from chairing several balls, to being a committee member, or on the Leadership Council.

What is your favorite way to work out?
I start each day at Hard Exercise Works – Roswell. It’s a high-intensity boot camp with amazing people. I also take private ballroom dance lessons with the fabulous Melbin De La Cruz. This feeds my soul and creative expression, which we all need.

What is the best thing you’ve learned about yourself since turning 40?
There is always an opportunity to learn. Keep an open mind for other interests and opportunities to continue to develop. One career path does not mean another won’t come your way.

Who are the experts who help you be your best self?
Su So-Longman; Dr. Alissa Marzetti – DPT; Melbin De La Cruz; An Mai of Lovely Nail; Jeffrey Frost of Frost Hair Salon; the coaches of Hard Exercise Works – Roswell.


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