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Day 30 of Healthy, Beautiful Skin – Vivace™ Micro-Needling RF at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging

Day 30 of Healthy, Beautiful Skin – Vivace™ Micro-Needling RF at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging

Woman getting micro needling treatment.

By Best Self Staffer: Kim Cooper

Sadly, our 30 days has come to an end. We are happy to finish out the month of May with a Vivace™ Micro-Needling RF treatment from Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging. The Vivace system is unique in that it uses 36 gold microneedles to penetrate the skin to a specific depth that the esthetician chooses. Once the selected depth is reached, high levels of radiofrequency energy are delivered into the deep tissue.


Vivace allows you to adjust the depth of penetration from 0.5mm to 3.5mm. The range of depths are used to target different issues. If the desired result is diminished wrinkles, the esthetician would not go as deep as they would if they were targeting scars for example.

This is a great supplement for a laser treatment or chemical peel, especially in the summer months. Clients receive all the benefits of skin tightening, plus improvement in the production of collagen.

During the first 20 minutes of my treatment Heather Dobson, L.M.E. spread numbing cream all over my face to assure minimal discomfort. After the numbing agent was removed, they applied what’s called a Silk Peel. This allowed the Vivace machine to run smoothly over my face without irritation.

Vivace is the only Micro-Needling RF system that offers the following features:

  • True motorized delivery of the needles into the tissue.  This provides consistent depth of penetration and enables you to deliver energy to the precise level of the skin.

  • Safe for all skin types (even tanned skin)

  • Easy, repeatable results for every patient

  • Designed to work with various topicals and growth factors

  • 31 adjustable depth settings

  • Intuitive touch screen with skin depth graphics for each setting to help the provider determine the specific depth of the needles


Overall, I was very surprised by how painless the treatment was. Immediately after the treatment, I had some redness, mostly on my forehead, but after about two hours my skin looked perfectly normal and was glowing.

Heather advised me not to use any makeup and to avoid the sun for the next 12 hours. She also sent me home with a little care package that included soothing moisturizers.

Depending on the problem being addressed with the skin, Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging recommends having three to eight treatments done in a series, each a month apart.


For more on this service, check out this Facebook LIVE video.

Details: Atlanta Office: 770.691.0347. 4840 Roswell Rd. NE Bldg D Ste 100 Atlanta, GA.  Warner Robins Office: 478.225.2379. 400 Corporate Pointe Warner Robins, GA 31088


Skin Love!

As with any skin care regimen, consistency is the key to overall good results. A consistent daily regimen of cleansing, moisturizing and protection against the sun is a must. Also, don’t forget to get your skin screened in support of good health and skin cancer awareness month.


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