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Day 24 of 30 Days of Healthy, Beautiful Skin: Vivace RF Microneedling at Atlanta Face & Body

Day 24 of 30 Days of Healthy, Beautiful Skin: Vivace RF Microneedling at Atlanta Face & Body

Woman getting laser facial treatment.

By Wyndi Kappes

The Vivace treatment at Atlanta Face & Body uses a combination of laser and needling to deliver even more impressive skin smoothing and tightening results than traditional microneedling. Thirty-six insulated needles go deeper into the skin than other needling treatments to stimulate regeneration of the dermis while radio frequencies heat and help tighten skin. We joined esthetician, Meghan Scott, and loyal Best Self Atlanta reader Gillian Greer as she underwent her third Vivace treatment.

Upon Gillian’s arrival, her face was cleaned and she had the opportunity to relax as the numbing cream began to take effect. During the treatment, Gillian says she felt a warm sensation and that the laser wasn’t painful.


Afterward, her skin was slightly red and Gillian said her face felt warm, similar to a sunburn. Meghan explained that a small amount of redness is typical the day of the treatment but usually goes away the following day. She also noted that makeup can be applied seven hours after the treatment.

Meghan recommends beginning with three treatments over the course of three months and undergoing a treatment every 30 days. Atlanta Face & Body will send you a reminder to come in for each appointment, so there’s no stress to rebook!

As for her results so far, Gillian had this to say,  “I could see a difference after the first treatment. After my second treatment, my friends started noticing a change and I could really see and feel a difference in the texture of my skin. After the third treatment, I can feel a difference in the tightness of my skin and neck. I keep touching my skin because I can’t believe how smooth if feels! You will not be disappointed with this treatment but do the series of three to see maximum benefits and you will look great!”

For more on this procedure, check out this Facebook LIVE video featuring Meghan Scott using the Vivace treatment at Atlanta face & Body.


Details: 678.888.3223,, 3200 Cobb Pkwy. #205 Atlanta, GA. 30339.


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