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David Aferiat – 2020 Over 40 and Fabulous Top 10 Winner

David Aferiat – 2020 Over 40 and Fabulous Top 10 Winner

David Aferiat, 2020 Over $0 & Fabulous! Top 10 Winner

Even while running two companies David Aferiat, 49, still finds time to teach his children the power of change through activism, charity and an indomitable attitude. He also enjoys fine wine and supporting fellow business owners through the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

What is something you learned about yourself during quarantine? Changing the world starts locally. Here’s a winning formula for change that my family participated in: peaceful protests for #BLM/George Floyd + writing letters and signing the petition to GA legislators regarding passing a Hate Crimes Act = seeing GA become the 46th state to finally do so! 

What is the best piece of parenting advice you ever received? Give children context and meaning to their lives with a compass of values in which to make decisions and to serve something greater than their social media profile. 

Negotiate and enforce rules on the backs of whatever is coveted the most: from beanie boos to smartphones.

What is your favorite way to give back to your community? AVID Vines donates 1% of its net income to The Giving Kitchen, helping those in the food service industry with the financial burden of unexpected medical expenses. 

My children and I support entrepreneurship in other countries by allocating dollars to unbanked owners and their projects, start-ups, and businesses via 

I have served as the President of the French American Chamber of Commerce and continue to devote time to improving an important alliance between the two countries. 

I serve in volunteer leadership roles within the Atlanta Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. 

In addition to serving meals and providing financial support to the Zaban Paradies Center, which helps couples transition from homelessness to economic stability and wellness, my daughter has donated artwork for their walls. 

What is your most embarrassing moment? In my youth I was invited to a friend’s house for dinner with their parents once. I added ketchup to corn and several of the family got up and left the table. I haven’t put ketchup on my corn since.

Who are the experts/professionals who help you be your best self? I love: Dr. Lauren Abes (Dentique), Dr. Mark McKenna (OVME), Dr. Jessica Duncan Propes (Chiropractor), Dr. Darren Levine (OD | Colony Square Eye Care), Kevin Rathbun, Chef Shay Lavi, my fellow members of EO Atlanta, Brendan Young and the wine team at Sherlock, and CJ, my newest fishmonger at Farmers & Fishermen.  

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