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Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty

Natural skin product extracted from plant.

For nearly a century, few legislative steps have been taken to ensure that personal care products in the United States are safe. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), an activist organization that specializes in research and advocacy in the area of toxic chemicals, this means that chemicals linked to cancer, damaging reproductive systems, and beyond, can easily wind up in the items we use every day.
As awareness of this issue grows, more shoppers are turning to clean beauty and skin care products that are made with safer ingredients. With an increase of untainted options to choose from online or in stores, ridding your vanity of toxin-filled products doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Here is a snapshot of resources to help you make the change.


The EWG makes it easy to know what’s in the products you use and how potentially dangerous they may be. Its Skin Deep® database allows you to search for items and see safety and ingredient ratings assigned by scientists for over 70,000 products and 2,000 brands. There’s also a handy EWG app that allows you to scan barcodes quickly at the store.
Brands like Beautycounter offer high-quality cosmetics that are free of 1,500 questionable chemicals such as butylated hydroxy anisole and butylated hydroxytoluene, which extend the shelf life of products like lipsticks but are likely carcinogens and may cause liver damage. The company also advocates for legislative change says Ashley H. Monk, an Atlanta Beautycounter consultant.
Sephora has jumped on the bandwagon too. The makeup mecca recently launched its Clean at Sephora seal. This makes it easy to browse for skin care, makeup, hair care, and fragrance items without sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oils, and more both in-store and online.

P2Skin Care and Body Care
For this category, controversial ingredients can often be found in deodorants, moisturizers, bath products and more. When it comes to using natural skin care and body care products, Dirty Beauty founder, 
Samantha Dickey says, “Natural skin care performs and delivers extraordinary results when used in the correct application.”
Her local line of farm-based products combines the best of science and nature for true effectiveness. One of Dirty Beauty’s most popular products demonstrates this harmonious unison perfectly. “STRIP is both a makeup remover and one-step cleanser,” says the professional engineer. “Oil and water don’t mix but oil and oil do. With STRIP, you are using the oil cleansing method to gently remove makeup and grime that accumulates on your skin.”
Along with other Atlanta-based green beauty and body care brands such as 
Sally B’s Skin Yummies and Little Barn Apothecary, there are local stores such as 
Fig & Flower that you can visit to test-drive products in-person to see which ones work best for you.
Removing harmful products from your daily beauty routine can seem daunting but today’s resources are making the switch easier than ever. Try a safer brand and let us know what you think about it by tagging us on Instagram: @BestSelfAtlanta.

P3Steer Clear of:
•Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)
•Propylene glycol
•Synthetic colors


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