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Carson Simonton, 32, Founder of Inspire Fitness & Wellness

Carson Simonton, 32, Founder of Inspire Fitness & Wellness

Carson Simonton

Carson Simonton believes her calling is not only to encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle but to instill
a lifelong purpose by creating a safe space to cultivate confidence. For nearly a decade, the Roswell fitness guru has developed her skills and passion for wellness, sparking the idea to start her own boutique fitness studio in East Cobb. Alongside Kelli Gloekler, Inspire Fitness & Wellness went from a scary yet exciting idea to a place that feels like a second home to Simonton and many others.

What advice would you give to others looking to start their own business?

It can feel like so many markets are oversaturated, but there is enough pie to go around for everyone. If you have a vision and feel it doesn’t currently exist, create it. Do your research but stay alert to falling into the comparison trap or unintentionally copying someone else’s business ideas that can feel inauthentic to your own mission.

What’s your secret for staying happy, healthy and resetting?

My friends know this about me but my “silly little mental health walks” (SLMHW) are my reset button. The combination of nature, movement and screen time elimination provides the space for perspective and creativity. On a SLMHW, you can mentally fight all of your battles and win them but also return home knowing movement is healing you without completely exhausting you.

What are some ways you like to give back to the community?

Upon opening Inspire, we didn’t want our community to be within our four walls. One weekend a month, classes are free and 100% donation based. We have supported causes from local, underserved schools and under-resourced teachers to ministries and missions that provide basic necessities and support for the homeless as well as holiday gifts for those in periods of displacement. Most recently, we’ve supported Alzheimer’s awareness.,

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