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Brandon Copeland: Creating Accessibility and Growth Through Performance

Brandon Copeland: Creating Accessibility and Growth Through Performance

Brandon Copeland, a versatile artist hailing from Chattahoochee Hills, has embarked on a remarkable artistic journey. From his early days as a competitive gymnast and junior Olympian to his tenure as a singer, acrobat and stuntman at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, he has captivated audiences around the world. Now as the Program Manager at the Art Farm at Serenbe, Brandon’s diverse experiences and ability to pivot have shaped his approach to creating unforgettable events. His commitment to accessibility, growth and performance leaves an enduring legacy in the community he calls home.

Can you share a personal philosophy that guides you?

Pivot when necessary. It is a mantra that really came to fruition after an injury took me out of performing, and even more so when the pandemic began. I was rehearsing for a show in Orlando and tore my Achilles on a skill I have done since I was five years old. It immediately took me out of my career path as an acrobat. It made me focus on what I really enjoyed about the entertainment industry. I loved performing but found, through this setback, that I love the production side of the industry as well. It truly was the first major pivot of my career.

Your career has taken you through various artistic roles, from being a competitive gymnast to performing as a stuntman. How have these influenced your current role?

These diverse experiences allow me to look at my current job at Art Farm from every angle. Whether it be the artist mindset or the production mindset, my background allows me to integrate those skills to create memorable events for the audience as well as the performers. It is truly been a lifesaver when it comes to the way I approach events.

What are you most excited to bring to the Art Farm at Serenbe?

I was born and raised five minutes from Art Farm at Serenbe. My goal is to bring amazing, thought-provoking events to the people in Chattahoochee Hills and the surrounding communities. Art they can access in their backyard.

What do you do to take care of yourself and your health?

Balance is the one thing I try really hard to achieve, but it doesn’t always work out the way I plan. Instead, my husband and I take moments when we can; whether it’s a day or a couple of nights; we pack up our dogs and run away with them. Usually, our getaways are just as much about mental health as they are balance.

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