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Ambre A. Kragor, DDS, MS

Farah Kar, DDS, MSc, MS, FRCD



By Alex McCray

It’s not every day you meet dental experts like Ambre A. Kragor, DDS, MS, and Farah Kar, DDS, MSc, MS, FRCD. Growing up in Seattle, and Toronto, respectively, unconventional experiences led the two to orthodontics.

A poor childhood left Ambre without access to dental care. She was finally able to get her severely damaged teeth repaired at age 17, when she could pay for it herself. In 2004, local orthodontist Dr. Alan Carr decided to take on her case for free. When she asked how she could repay him, he offered her a part-time job at his office. Ambre recalls, “That was what developed my love for orthodontics.”

3-QFor Farah, it was putting to use her bachelor’s degree in fine arts, and architecture-focused master’s degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology that sparked an interest in orthodontics. “I helped my brother and others design their practice and realized the field of orthodontics is awesome. I decided to change careers and go into a profession where I could be around people and use my artistic skills,” Farah says.

Today, at BB Braces Braces, the two are excited to represent a changing approach to orthodontics and growing number of women in the dental profession. According to the American Dental Association, 30 percent of dentists are female but an even smaller percentage are orthodontists. “I feel like the change is not only gender-based but also generational,” Farah explains. She adds, “Every smile is unique and should suit your face. It’s a very different approach to how people were trained 30 to 40 years ago.”

2-PThey utilize the latest technology such as X-ray machines with the least amount of radiation emission as well as a premier bracket system by American Orthodontics to provide unparalleled care. Patients love this because the compassionate staff at each of the eight BB Braces Braces metro-Atlanta locations help them achieve the smile of their dreams at an affordable price.

The team also strives to create an environment that’s relaxing and downright fun— when is the last time you heard “Everybody Dance Now” playing at your orthodontist’s office? Ambre notes, “Almost every orthodontist you go to is well trained, but not every orthodontist has that fun factor.” Watch your favorite show on a flat-screen TV above your head while the doctors go to work on your smile. And thanks to a special connection with the Atlanta Braves, you can snap a picture of your little one in the mini Braves-themed Volkswagen car. All BB Braces Braces offices are proud orthodontic sponsors of the team.

When Ambre and Farah aren’t dressing up to celebrate Halloween at the office or posing for selfies with patients, the doctors enjoy time with their families and pursuing hobbies. Farah can be found painting, sculpting or traveling. Ambre loves being behind the lens of a camera or spending time hiking and fishing.


Say Cheese!

3 ways BB Braces Braces makes us smile is by going above and beyond for its patients and the community.

  1. 1-POrthodontists Ambre A. Kragor and Farah Kar are passionate about leadership mentoring, especially in young women. “I would have never become an orthodontist if it wasn’t for a female faculty member at the University of Minnesota. She was the only faculty member in my school’s entire orthodontics department that answered my emails and invited me to do research with her. She believed in me,” Farah says. Now, she and Ambre pay it forward by regularly inviting high school and college students to shadow them.
  2. They understand and respect that oral care is deeply personal. Farah reveals, “A lot of patients who come here tell us that we are undoing damage from horrible previous experiences.”
  3. Customizable treatment plans can be designed to improve aesthetics and function. Farah has advanced training to handle difficult cases such as failed Invisalign, craniofacial anomalies, impacted canine recovery and more.


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