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Concourse Athletic Club Delivers A Superior Member Expierence

Concourse Athletic Club Delivers A Superior Member Expierence

Amidst new workout space expectations, Concourse Athletic Club amps up what members already love about their experience—accountability and quality. Suzanne Cypert reveals what makes memberships here something to consistently count on.

Q. Concourse Athletic Club has always been known for its unique customer service. What does that entail?

Concourse goes above and beyond to provide accountability that inspires clients to reach beyond the walls of the gym. We love knowing we’ve made a difference in their lives, and not just a great workout. Trainers mix it up, from weights to resistance bands, or power moves and gliders, individualized for each client. The variety and fun makes it easy to commit and stay consistent.

Q. What types of classes do you offer?

We offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels and interests, including boxing and kickboxing, high-intensity interval training for on-the-go men and women, mindful workouts such as yoga, Pilates and meditation, as well as virtual spin classes and more. Our group programming creates a community of like-minded people, another booster for positive results.

Q. What new technology does Concourse use to maximize training?

We’re excited to get our clients tuned into MyZone Heart Rate monitoring. This unique program tracks workout efficiencies and provides virtual accountability to push members to compete with themselves and each other—motivating even when you don’t have a trainer physically with you. It’s been beneficial to both us and  members in ensuring that we stay connected in this new normal.

Q. Concourse has a high retention rate among members… What’s your secret?

In the fitness world, new gadgets, programs and classes come out every day, but we value vetting new products and programs before implementing them, so that we know they work and can be customized toward our clients. It translates to results, and results keep clients coming back.

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