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Atlanta’s Ultimate Beauty Boss for Rhinoplasty

Atlanta’s Ultimate Beauty Boss for Rhinoplasty

Dr. Brian Maloney and Team

Q: What qualifications make you a Boss?

A: I have performed rhinoplasties on thousands of patients and helped them achieve an image that aligns with how they perceive themselves. Additionally, I have taught multiple rhinoplasty courses and written several textbooks on plastic surgery of the nose throughout my career.

Rhinoplasty by Dr. MaloneyQ: How does the treatment work?

A: I perform a one-hour procedure to refine the shape of the nose through incisions hidden on the inside without packing. This procedure is known as closed rhinoplasty.

Q: What questions should I ask about the procedure?

A: A great question to ask about rhinoplasty is: Do you offer computer imaging to show me the possible results? I utilize an imaging program that allows my patients and I to work together, integrating their ideas and my expertise. We collaboratively communicate together to create the desired image.

Q: What benefits can be expected as a result?

A: Beauty is about proportion and balance. The goal is to create a nose that compliments the rest of the face. Breathing is also often improved with the procedure.

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Dr. Maloney standing in front of a painting and two lamps
Dr. Maloney

An internationally renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Maloney has been featured regularly on Discovery and Discovery Health Channel for his rhinoplasty procedures. He specializes in cosmetic, ethnic, teenage, functional/corrective and revision rhinoplasty. Additionally, he is well known for his artistry and the genuine compassion with which he approaches his patients. Come see why people from around the world have chosen Dr. Maloney for their facial surgery.

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