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Atlanta’s Top Matchmakers Have Turned Singles into Couples for 20 Years

Atlanta’s Top Matchmakers Have Turned Singles into Couples for 20 Years

Single Atlanta Matchmakers’ queens of matchmaking, Lisa Lyngos and Leisha Murphy, play Cupid to coach and connect you with your perfect mate.

By Katherine Michalak

Love is in the air at Single Atlanta Matchmakers. The successful concierge matchmaking firm is celebrating its 20th anniversary and it’s easy to see why.

Lisa Lyngos and Leisha Murphy, the dynamic duo behind the brand, bring a level of expertise that sets them apart. The two double-handedly have changed the Atlanta dating landscape. Bringing their warm personalities, sense of humor, relatability, and wisdom to the table, Atlantans have come to know and trust these two whole-heartedly.

With a service that has stood the test of time—Lisa and Leisha have encountered every scenario—the identical twin sisters know the players and can guide anyone through the intimidating dating process. Now having reached this commemorative milestone with more work to do, they are looking toward the future.

Born in Michigan, the twins relocated to Texas as young girls and both graduated from Baylor University. “We grew up with both regional influences strongly felt and that plays a part in our success,” Leisha notes. Adding, “We were raised with that traditional Midwestern work ethic and also felt the Texas attitude, which says, ‘Kick a hole through the sky, anything is possible!'”

P1In 1998, when a job moved Leisha’s husband to Atlanta, she became aware of the growing need for a local matchmaking service. “Atlanta’s biggest boom period had begun with the 1996 Olympics,” Leisha explains. “The city had suddenly exploded with people from all over and they didn’t know how to meet each other.” Soon, Lisa came onboard, heading to Atlanta, and the two of them immediately saw the advantage of building the business as a team.

Consummate professionals, Lisa and Leisha have become industry leaders in the past two decades, creating the largest matchmaking business in the Southeast with over 19,000 clients. “We have so much fun,” Lisa laughs. “This is what we love, and we’ve put together a great staff who have been with us for more than 10 years. They all have three things—a big brain, a big heart, and a big sense of humor.” Leisha continues, “We are both very intuitive and we’ve surrounded ourselves with people who also have a compassionate nature.”

Q1“Everyone is looking for a happy committed relationship. We are the land of second chances for many of our clients. Thousands of couples are together today, who would have never met without us,” Lisa says. “Our clients range in age from their mid-20s up to their 80s. They tell us their stories and together we are able to build a profile of the type of person they would like to meet. This is where our experience really counts. … We know precisely how to successfully guide them through the process.”

Single Atlanta Matchmakers commits to building a trusting relationship with each client, conducting phone interviews, followed by face-to-face consultations assessing their needs. After that, they start sending the clients out on dates, one match at a time, with full feedback from both parties after each meetup. “Our amazing track record of matching couples who end up in long-term relationships and/or marriage is not an accident,” Leisha reveals. Over the last 20 years, we have created an environment that has changed people’s experience with dating in our city for the better. That is our legacy.”



P2Get Past the Swipe Hype

Fake profiles, scams, catfishing, staged social media, and scrolling through apps—modern dating may be high tech, but not necessarily high quality. The old-fashioned way might be the most effective. The Single Atlanta Matchmakers team focuses on clients who want true romantic companionship for the long haul, and who are ready to invest targeted energy into the process of finding a mate.

Matchmakers Lisa Lyngos and Leisha Murphy bring experience and confidence to the table for their clients. Their service far surpasses anything possible online. “The dating pools are filled with people that aren’t serious, and online dating rapidly exposed itself and its dangers,” says Leisha. “We offer something real, no worries about the caliber of people you’ll meet.” Lisa agrees, “We see that the internet presents the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’re far above that. Why try to find a needle in a haystack? We have the needles here!”, 750 Hammond Dr. NE., Bldg. 16, Ste. 200,
404-250-9292. The content for this article is brought to you by
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