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Atlanta Influencers Talk Holiday Fashion and The Latest Trends

Atlanta Influencers Talk Holiday Fashion and The Latest Trends

Atlanta influencers Lillian Gray Charles, Paige Minear, Mimi J, Megan Lore

Atlanta influencers talk trends for this season’s special celebrations

By Nicole Letts

The holiday season has always been synonymous with extravagance. Closet basics are pushed aside to make way for sparkling sequins, glimmering crystals, luxe velvet and even the occasional faux (or vintage!) fur. Once the temperatures dip below 60 degrees and Thanksgiving passes, Atlantans bring out their finest. Former NFL star, fashion tastemaker and Atlanta native Cam Newton once said “Growing up in Atlanta, it brings a particular swagger about a person.” And throughout the holidays, we let our swagger shine. Looking to hit your own seasonal style stride? We turned to some of Atlanta’s top influencers to spill their tricks for looking dapper throughout the holidays.

Mad for Plaid

Megan LoreMegan Lore, @meganann

What holiday trends are you most looking forward to this season?

Color! In the past, I always gravitated toward neutrals and muted jewel tones. This year, I am seeing a lot of vibrant and fun colors.

In what ways is fashion an integral and exciting part of the holiday season?

One of my fondest core memories is my mom dressing my sister and me in head-to-toe Blackwatch tartan during the holiday season. While it may have been a little itchy, nothing gets me more excited than seeing everyone decked out in their holiday garb.

Tell me about one clothing or accessory item you cannot live without for holiday soirees.

A tartan headband and good diamond studs!

What is your best advice for holiday dressing?

Dress classic and comfortable. I can’t tell you how many times I have worn a dress for the holidays that I immediately threw out because of its unique fit or pattern. I also tend to want to overindulge during the holidays, so I always gravitate towards a dress and not something that is form-fitting.

Snag Megan’s Holiday Favorites:

• Rabbit Fur Lined Gloves from Ann Mashburn

• Michelle Shift Dress Carnation from Abbey Glass

More is MoreLillian Gray Charles

Lillian Gray Charles, @lilliangraycharles

What holiday trends are you most looking forward to this season?

I’m looking forward to seeing all the usual holiday things—amplified! Bigger statement sweaters, bolder prints in oversized sweaters, patent leather (but make it something other than black!), a larger-than-life metallic blazer or a floor-length velvet dress with big sleeves feels like the perfect way to celebrate the season. Bigger, bolder everything!

How can we get in on a trend while maintaining a classic, timeless look?

Trend-chasing is so overwhelming for so many women. The good news is, you don’t have to do it all, all the time, every season. I have always said that shoes will make, break or date an outfit the fastest. Luckily, that’s a piece of the wardrobe that actually needs to be replaced based on wear and tear. If you’re feeling the need to update, but don’t know where to begin, start from the ground up. An updated heel, a different fabrication (i.e., if you always choose leather, go suede with your boots!) or maybe even a pop of color on your shoes. This will take you a long way without feeling like a total overhaul has to happen to be en vogue.

What is your best advice for holiday dressing?

Dare a little. We get so stuck in our rut of “I’ll just wear this thing that I wore to work or carpool.” Snap out of that! Use this time to experiment! Do you love red and default to a red lip? Try a full-on red dress! Do you always wear black booties? Try silver ones! We’re all celebrating this time of year; don’t forget to celebrate yourself as you get dressed. Your loved ones will be thrilled to see you shine.

What are some of your favorite local boutiques to shop for fashion items throughout the holiday season?

Speaking of dressing a little more “amplified,” you’ll find incredible prints, voluminous dresses and even feather-clad robes (to be worn OUT!) at Bombchel at Ponce City Market. If you’re into more sultry silks or grounded elegant neutrals, check out Megan Huntz in Morningside. And don’t forget to add a little sparkle. Her jewelry collection is also amazing!

Snag Lillian’s Holiday Favorites:

• Yemi Faux Fur Jacket from fab’rik

• Daring Dagger Earrings from S. Carter Designs

Rhoda Vickers HendrixLovely in Leopard

Rhoda Vickers Hendrix, @southernrhoda

In what ways is fashion an integral and exciting part of the holiday season?

Dressing and feeling our best is important this time of year as we go to holiday gatherings and festivities. We all want to put our best foot forward and how we feel in our outfits goes a long way toward looking put together and making a great first impression.

Tell me about one clothing or accessory item you cannot live without for holiday soirees.

I’d say something leopard. That’s sort of my trademark. I have several pairs of leopard shoes and a cute leopard tote that always gets attention. Holiday red plaid is another fun way to add some fun to your wardrobe whether you pair it with jeans or nice black pants. I bought a red plaid shirt last year and will be getting it out again this year.

What is your best advice for holiday dressing?

Don’t try to just follow the trends, but be sure you dress in something you feel great in, and then you’ll shine. I love black, and by adding some green or red, you have an instant holiday outfit. Layer some sparkly jewelry, and you’re set. Donning leopard shoes or a belt with a black outfit gives it a bit of pop, and people will definitely notice you.

Snag Rhoda’s Holiday Favorites:

• The Juliette Faux Fur Jacket from Sara Campbell 

• Leather Bag with Scarf Detail from Sara Campbell 

Casual ElegancePaige Minear

Paige Minear, @paigeminear

What holiday trends are you most looking forward to this season?

I am excited about all the velvet and faux leather on the scene. I think faux leather has never looked or felt better, making it easier to mix into our typical holiday attire. I will be pairing mine with plaid pieces, which are my favorite to wear every holiday. I am also thrilled to see headbands are still super trendy, as they can instantly elevate an outfit.

In what ways is fashion an integral and exciting part of the holiday season?

For me, it is the most exciting part. I think dressing up makes the season memorable. I love to dress up our home for the holidays, and wearing something fancy for myself and our family is just icing on the cake. There is something so special about adding fur or something glittery when you celebrate, and the holidays contain one celebration after another. I get more excited about going somewhere once I choose the outfit.

What is your best advice for holiday dressing?

If it makes you feel festive, wear it! Go a little outside your comfort zone and try something sparkly. I don’t think you can go wrong with some glitter or fur!

Where are some of your favorite local boutiques to shop for fashion items throughout the holiday season?

I like trying on clothes, so having something local is even better! I visit Willow Park Boutique, fab’rik, Monkees of Peachtree Battle, Ann Mashburn and Labels for fun vintage pieces I can add in to make it even more festive!

Snag Paige’s Holiday Favorites:

• Prosecco Bottle Earrings from Willow Park Boutique

• The Tie-Neck Blouse in Forest Silk from Ann Mashburn

Mimi JohnsonHoliday Makeup Trends

Mimi Johnson, @mimjonline

What are your favorite trends in makeup right now?

Glowing beautiful skin is always in! This season I’m loving the comeback of soft blush, pops of coral, duo liner combinations and glossy lips! Shameless plug for The Glamatory’s new color in Vacay and Universal Lip Drip! A trick: Vacay lip potion mixed with a dry beauty oil can be used as a cream blush OR by itself it can also be a cream shadow!

What are some things people do with makeup that unnecessarily ages them?

Piling on layers and layers of makeup has got to go! Learning how to blend makeup with the right tools and understanding color correction/ proper concealer application can do wonders. Youthful looks are more about skin—so letting your skin shine through is the goal.

What trends are you most excited about this winter?

This holiday season is all about embellishments and glitter! I love this trend as it brings out the inner child in art class. Try a glitter eyeshadow like the one that’s inside of The Glamatory Elements of Glam that can simply be patted on your eyes with your fingertips or a brush. Either way, make sure to spray your applicator with setting spray before putting on the shadow to ensure glitter stays on your eyelids and doesn’t spread around your face.

Makeup & Hair for the HolidaysBrielle Brenner

Brielle Brenner, @brennerbeauty

What holiday hair and makeup trends are you most looking forward to this season?

Sleek buns, hair knots and twists. We’re taking it all the way with flat-ironed ends and even adding a clip or accessory. Remember to secure your style first with bobby pins and elastics and then add your hairpin or clip in after for aesthetic purposes only. No need to use it to secure your style and make it do extra work. Skip the red lip, and opt for a mauve nude or natural-toned terracotta lip paired with a grey or toned smokey eye with a pop of shimmer. Think of the new palette from Makueup by Mario. Don’t forget to add lashes!

How can shoppers get in on a trend while still maintaining a classic, timeless look?

Trends can be dangerous. With social media they rotate faster than you can even recreate them. Your best bet is to look for trends that stay through multiple seasons or that happen to come back around. If you can spot classic looks and techniques that are being adapted, do that! For example, the TikTok “siren eye” is an adaptation of the classic wing liner with a little flare added in the inner corner of the eye. We are seeing wing liners with blended pencil and shadow rather than a crisp liquid liner. That is a trend you can hop on safely because it comes from a classic makeup look.

Tell me about one hair or makeup item you cannot live without for holiday soirees.

A highlighting primer or serum! I love the Ilia Liquid Light Highlight Serum because of its versatility. You can apply it before your foundation for a “glow from within” look, add it right into your foundation for application ease, or add a bit to the high points of your face to finish off your makeup look. It’s a subtle but beautiful pearl glow that makes your makeup look flawless and intentional. Bonus: it creates a blur for the skin.

What is your best advice for creating holiday looks?

Once you have found the look you are going to recreate, grab some of your favorite products and add some new products where needed. If you go out and buy all-new makeup, the look might not feel like you, and it may take too much time. The best way to create a look is consider your makeup kit like your wardrobe. Use your staple items and add a new accessory or two, whether that be a new eyeshadow palette or lip color. All of your products are versatile, so you can create multiple looks.

Snag Brielle’s Holiday Favorites:

• These brass hair sticks from Press Shop in Summerhill are a perfect addition to your sleek hair twist and great for the holidays!

• Try these RMS blushes from Fig & Flower for a wide range of shimmer finishes and shades for a fun holiday pop of color! My favorite is “Hanky Panky.”

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