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Amazing One-Hour Makeovers

Amazing One-Hour Makeovers

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Best Self Atlanta’s popular Amazing One-Hour Makeovers event returned for a third year on Feb. 20. Some of Atlanta’s best makeup artists, hairstylists, and beauty and fashion experts transformed 17 lucky readers in just one hour. Onlookers nibbled on light bites from Chicken Salad Chick and sipped the signature “Berry Beautiful” cocktail created by Hendrick’s Gin. Guests lined up for five-minute makeovers with Beautycounter products and perused fashion finds from Bloomingdale’s and Stella & Dot. Models also received finishing touches for their “after” looks courtesy of the fashion companies.

The night’s give-back initiative was Development in Gardening (DIG), an organization working to implement sustainable farms in African countries, which guests were encouraged to donate to and were able to experience what it is like to work on a farm in the Batwa community in Uganda by way of a virtual reality tour, making this beauty event more than skin deep. For all the final page-turning looks and every gorgeous detail, read on.

P1Beautiful Brows

Model: Sydney Vogt
Makeup Artist: Theresa Stone, Theresa Stone Makeup Artistry
“My favorite part of what I do is getting to know people on a different level, inspiring them to feel like the best version of themselves through the makeup, and teaching them that obtaining that feeling at home is in their abilities.”

The Before: Theresa wanted to frame the face of this busy mom and highlight her bright smile.
The After: By filling in Sydney’s eyebrows with a shade closer to her hair color, the stunning shape of them stands out. Soft blush on the cheeks and a classic mauve lip balance the brows and complete this mommy makeover.
Trusted Tool: “The Iconic London highlighter—it’s gorgeous! It’s liquid and looks so sunny on the skin, catching the light to bring out parts of your face you want to pop,” Theresa says.



Model: Karen Villa
Makeup Artist: Heather Petty-Harris, Beauty & The Brow
“I love the transition a woman goes through in my chair, making her feel beautiful.”
The Before: Heather noticed Karen’s eyes first and knew that she immediately wanted to draw attention to them.
The After: Heather created a neo-soul look with brown eye shadows and an unexpected electric blue liner that made the eyes really stand out. She kept the lips soft and neutral … with a little glimmer. The perfect finishing touch for this busy mom turned glamazon.
Trusted Tool: “My Chanel bronzer may be a little bit more expensive, but it’s worth it. The quality is incredible—it lasts all day and it’s perfect on any skin type. You can also use it all over the face,” Heather says.


P3Elevated Elegance

Model: Casey Ehlers
Makeup Artist: Richie Arpino, Richie Arpino Salon
Hairstylist: Maxx Holmon, Richie Arpino Salon
“I get excited about doing makeup because often it gives women an opportunity to change their look in a way they didn’t know they could before,” Richie says. Maxx adds, “I was a former hair and makeup director for Miss Universe for 10 years. I don’t know how to do anything else.”

The Before: Richie and Maxx wanted to create something that would enhance Casey’s natural beauty and showcase her spunky personality.
The After: With the help of Bumble and bumble products, Maxx added voluminous curls to Casey’s hair and created an elegant and romantic look. Richie complemented that with a dramatic eye and a bold hue on the lips.
Trusted Tools: Richie touts blendSMART®, a revolving makeup brush that makes it easy to apply foundation. Maxx always carries his Champion flat iron because it can curl, flatten and smooth to add shine.


P4Romantic Waves

Model: Evelyne DaSilva
Makeup Artist: Nyssa Green, The Green Room Agency
Hairstylist: Dakota Sue, Salon Red Candler Park
@nyssag;; @hypnotic_heartistry;
We hold a lot of expectations in our hair,” says Dakota. “It’s something we see every day. I like to help people feel beautiful, and you can greatly affect somebody by giving them a great hairdo. I love being able to help other people bring out something in themselves.”

The Before: DaSilva has rich, healthy hair but said she doesn’t do a lot with it. Dakota decided to transform her locks with a style that was romantic and classic.
The After: Dakota teased and curled DaSilva’s hair big, uniform S-waves that showed off her hair’s natural shine, then swept it to the side for a dramatic, glamorous effect. Nyssa echoed the timeless hair look with a modern spin on a retro cat eye and red lip.
The Trusted Tool: “I love Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray,” Dakota says. “The hold is so light and you get a great build off of it, which is perfect to give curls airiness and movement.”


P5Sparkling in Silver

Model: Kseniya Conniff
Makeup Artist: Mimi Johnson, The Glamatory
“Outside of being able to create art, I love the reaction that my clients have when I do their makeup. Some of the women have never felt so pretty, or worn makeup, and it makes them happy.”
The Before: Mimi wanted to highlight Kseniya’s beautiful eyes and bring out her cheeks.
The After: False lashes and metallic eye shadow in the inner corners of the eyes, plus a little glitter eyeliner make the eyes sparkle. A light contour also adds dimension to Kseniya’s face, while a slightly dark lip color defines her mouth.
Trusted Tools: “I’m all about glowing skin, so I love Becca’s Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation and the brand’s highlighters,” Mimi says. “The foundation is water based, so it’s not heavy and it makes someone’s skin look exactly like skin.”

P6Bright and Beautiful

Model: Kera Dupree
Makeup Artist: Nyssa Green, The Green Room Agency
“I love the instant gratification of making a change in someone’s life that they can see immediately,” Nyssa says.
Hair Stylist: Alicia Igess, The Green Room Agency
The Before: Nyssa zeroed in on Kera’s flawless deep complexion and knew she could make it truly glow.
The After: “So many people do black makeup wrong,” Nyssa says. “I wanted to do it right, and make sure I showed off her gorgeous skin tone.” A smoky eye with metallic green and blue undertones and a punchy purple lip made her features bright and vibrant. A modern fishtail braid gave her a look that was purposefully messy, perfect for day or night.
Trusted Tool: “Great brushes are a must-have item. I’m an artist and I use a brush to create my art,” notes Nyssa.

P7Dark and Divine

Model: Jude Fox
Makeup Artist: Leigh Carroll, Van Michael Salon
Hairstylist: Portia Rutherford, Van Michael Salon
@leigh.mua; @portia_rutherford; @VanMichaelSalon;
It’s nice to impact people’s lives in a very personal way,” Portia says. “Sometimes I can change their whole day in a short period of time just by changing their look.” Leigh adds, “I love making people feel pretty. You don’t necessarily have to follow any set of rules, but the result is making someone see a version of themselves they hadn’t before.”
The Before: With bold eyebrows, dark eyes and beautifully thick, dark hair to match, Portia and Leigh wanted to soften up Jude’s look to enhance the natural beauty of her striking features.
The After: Leigh used a romantic palette of rose gold to show off Jude’s eyes and brows. Portia added a side braid and a soft wave to Jude’s hair for a classic, romantic look that made an understated impact.
Trusted Tools: “The new Aveda brow pencils go on really creamy, but they’re waterproof and sweat resistant, so they last all day,” Leigh says. Portia swears by the same brand’s Smooth Infusion™ Nourishing Styling Creme, which she says is like, “ChapStick for hair—it feels as good to our locks as a balm does to our lips.”
ACCESSORIES: Juliana Statement Studs The Always Cardigan – Black Eric Javits Squishee Brigitte Crossbody


P8Beachy Waves and Bold Lashes

Model: Jessica Walters
Makeup Artist: Nisha Lagana, A Glamour Affair
Hairstylist: Kristen Collins, A Glamour Affair
“I was studying architecture in school so I am used to building things,” Kristin says. “Now, I’m inspired to build looks on people that can last all day long because I know that’s something that will help them feel beautiful.” Nisha adds, “Makeup is powerful. It can literally transform or simply enhance your look to give you that extra boost of confidence needed to tackle the day ahead of you.”

The Before: The duo set to work accentuating Jessica’s eyes and eyebrows.
The After: Kristen added soft beach waves that can hold volume for a more refined look that will last several days. A toned-down lip color and natural-looking false eyelashes allow Jessica’s eyes to be the focal point.
Trusted Tools: “I love anything from Make Up For Ever,” Nisha says. “You can build on it and it lasts all day.” Kristen’s favorite tool is the Little Wonder Teasing Brush by Spornette, because it gives hair awesome volume.

P9Ageless Beauty

Model: Bhimi Cayce
Makeup Artist: Ashley Smith, Ashley Ann Glam
“My favorite part of a makeover is when my clients look in the mirror and love what they see staring back at them. I like to help them feel beautiful in their own skin. Plus, because my style is a more natural look, it’s usually not heavy and reveals a version of themselves they hadn’t seen before.”

The Before: Ashley wanted to create a cohesive look that would frame Bhimi’s face.
The After: To brighten Bhimi’s eyes, Ashley used a palette of brown eye shadows with a hint of shimmer and increased depth to her lash line by adding a lash strip.
Trusted Tools: “I can’t live without Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. I swear it makes your makeup waterproof, so it’s essential for long-lasting looks.”


P10Beautiful in Berry

Model: Nissa Elliott
Artist: Thomasina Moyer, TM Beauty
“Being a makeup artist is my calling. … I get to empower, encourage and motivate women.”

The Before: Thomasina wanted to sculpt Nissa’s features to help them stand out.
The After: Thomasina used shimmering berry-hued eye and lip colors to complement the rich color of Nissa’s skin.
Trusted Tools: “Having the right brushes is key,” Thomasina says. “Real Techniques offers quality options that are affordable.”
ACCESSORIES: Bowie Fringe Earrings Bowie Lariat necklace


P11Standard to Stylistic

Model: Michael Allan
Hairstylists: Moriah Anderson and Ruskin Seabrook, Van Michael Men
@moriahandersonhair; @ruskinseabrook; @VanMichaelMen;
“The variety of men’s hair is so interesting,” Moriah says. “It can be edgy and specific or soft and conservative. It’s easy to make it different with all of the products that are out there, and I love that creativity.”

The Before: Michael already had healthy hair, and a lot of it, so Moriah wanted to focus on giving him a style that would do more for him.
The After:A soft fade enhanced the versatility of his style, giving his hair more shape to allow for a sophisticated, finished look.
Trusted Tools: The combination of Moriah’s go-to Wahl Magic Cordless Clippers and Andis Clipper Comb give her freedom to do precision haircuts anywhere.


P12Day-to-Night Diva

Model: Lynn McCray
Makeup Artist: Crystal Ngozi, Authentic Beauty, LLC
“My goal in makeup is to let every woman be her authentic self.”

The Before:Crystal wanted to focus on letting Lynn’s inherent beauty show through her makeup. She also taught her how to elevate her look from day to night.
The After: Crystal started with a neutral eye and finished with a bold red lip for a super natural yet glam look that brightened up Lynn’s features.
Trusted Tool: “The Sonia Roselli Water Balm moisturizer is everything. This product moisturizes really well, and gives me a clean base on all ages and shades of skin,” Crystal gushes.
ACCESSORIES: Francis Hoops Ren Slouchy Knit Top Engravable Getaway tote

P13Purposeful Panache

Model: Sean Monahan
Hairstylists: Moriah Anderson and Ruskin Seabrook, Van Michael Men
@moriahandersonhair; @ruskinseabrook; @VanMichaelMen;
“A lot of men have had the same cut for a very long time and I get to make it better. I love showing them that potential,” Moriah says.
The Before: Sean was comfortable with his style, but it was one-note and he was unsure of how to switch it up.
The After: The duo trimmed the sides of his hair to give him something more purposeful—a stronger contrast to define his existing haircut and the versatility of a hairstyle that looks finished whether he does nothing or works hard to style it.
Trusted Tool: Both Moriah and Ruskin love the Aveda Men Pure-formance™ Grooming Clay because its matte finish doesn’t look like you’ve used too much product. A little goes a long way for natural-looking hold and texture.

P14Noteworthy Nails

Model: Marian Kelly
Manicurist: Alyce Keys, Keys2Beauty
@moriahandersonhair; @ruskinseabrook; @VanMichaelMen;
“I absolutely love the field of cosmetology! …
There is literally nothing better than making clients feel good about themselves.”

The Before: Marian revealed to Alyce that manicures were not part of her regular routine.
The After: After shaping Marian’s nails, removing excess skin, and caring for her cuticles, Marian received a moisturizing hand and arm massage. The relaxing service ended with applying CND Creative Play’s Life’s a Cupcake nail color.
Trusted Tool: “I can’t live without a good base coat and top coat,” Alyce says. “I have been using Orly Bonder Basecoat and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat for 10-plus years.”



Sparkling Eyes

Model: Kawain Lane
Makeup Artist: Amber Wade, Amber Wade Makeup
“I love it when the base of the skin looks really good. It’s fun pulling out what someone maybe couldn’t see before and giving them tips for things that might change their life in terms of how they feel about themselves.”
The Before: Amber wanted to brighten Kawain’s eyes and make them appear larger.
The After: Gold sparkle and warm eye shadow colors illuminate Kawain’s entire face while showcasing her eyes.
Trusted Tool: “Brows are the one thing you can enhance to dramatically impact someone’s look,” Amber notes. “I like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pro Palette because it gives you two tones in each compact.”



Modern Maturity

Model: Vanya Borisova
Makeup Artist: Kaniz Rashid, Blo Blow Dry Bar
Hairstylist: Kaya Glenn, Blo Blow Dry Bar
@blobuckhead; @bloponce;
“Hairstyling is a form of art,” Kaya says. Likewise, Kaniz sees makeup as a form of self-expression.

The Before: The pair wanted to showcase Vanya’s great eyebrows and freshen up her long-standing hairstyle.
The After: Kaya added a soft, modern wave to Vanya’s hair, while Kaniz filled in her brows and highlighted her incredible complexion. The overall look was trendy and fresh, yet still within Vanya’s comfort zone.
Trusted Tools: Glo Skin Beauty (formerly glominerals) Pressed Base Powder Foundation works like a liquid foundation for incredible, smooth coverage on all skin types. UNITE’s versatile 7SECONDS™ Leave-in Detangler is a must-have for big styles or something subtle.

P17A Clear Complexion

Model: Elena Taylor-Bagger
Makeup Artist: Nicole Ivery, Simply Nicole I. Makeup Studios
“I’m all about you looking like your most beautiful authentic self, so I like to emphasize good skin care.”

The Before: Elena was concerned about masking the dark circles under her eyes and wanted to make her face appear more vibrant overall.
The After: Nicole applied a concealer/highlighter duo under the eyes using the one-stop shop MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette to illuminate her skin.
Trusted Tool: “I love how Thayers Witch Hazel hydrates and plumps the skin,” Nicole says. “It’s a toner so I use it to hydrate the skin to give your base a good glow.”

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