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Aisha Danzy: Powerhouse Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and 2021 Over 40 & Fab Inspiration Winner

Aisha Danzy: Powerhouse Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and 2021 Over 40 & Fab Inspiration Winner

Aisha Danzy 2021 Over 40

Aisha Danzy lights up every room she walks into with a beaming smile and a determination to leave a legacy that empowers others. The child of Jamaican immigrants and a mom at an early age, Aisha has used her experiences to create flourishing businesses that help others. Though her days are busy running one of the fastest-growing independent black-owned insurance companies in Atlanta, and assisting women in finding the perfect gown at her formal wear boutique Fit for a Queen, Aisha wholeheartedly believes, at age 41, that the best is yet to come. 

What person, thing or event has influenced your life most?

Having my daughter, Ariana, at just 17 years old has been the greatest influence on my life. I not only matured much faster than my peers, but it taught me how to remain focused and resilient in difficult situations. It was the foundation of my faith, my businesses and essentially the woman I would later become— committed to my family and to my life goals. 

What impact do you hope to leave on the world? 

I hope others will see my life as a true testament to living life to the fullest and leaving a legacy that creates more positive thinkers and faith-filled dreamers. I want my life to be a constant reminder to think and dream big, redefining success by our willingness to give back and contribute to this world, not just monetarily, but by showing up for others in need. 

What is your favorite way to give back to your community? 

After being longtime supporters of multiple nonprofits like the March of Dimes, Mercy Care and Hosea Feeding the Hungry and Homeless, my husband, children and I adopted an orphanage in Anchovy, Jamaica, in 2014. We currently oversee Garland Hall Children’s Home, home to 28 foster children and orphans. As a child of Jamaican immigrants, I grew up seeing the poverty of children in Jamaica each summer while spending time with my family and wanted to help children like those I grew up playing with. 

Is there a book you would recommend to others that has contributed to your personal growth and outlook on life?

“All About Love” by Bell Hooks. In the world we live in today, we often forget how to express ourselves through love and what genuine love should look like. It talks about love beyond your family and friends, but also how to show love in your community and essentially throughout the world. I want to feel love and I want others to feel loved by me.,

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