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Abigail Burle, 34, Founder of Love Your Story

Abigail Burle, 34, Founder of Love Your Story

Abigail Burle

Abigail Burle has faced incredible challenges over her lifetime and transformed them into a powerful force for good. The mom to fun-loving triplets who have spent the majority of their lives traveling for surgeries, therapy and treatments related to their disabilities, things haven’t always been easy; but Abigail has refused to let her hard days get her down. Instead, she saw a universal need among families facing similar challenges and created the nonprofit Love Your Story. Through her tireless efforts and unbreakable spirit, Abigail has created a world where families impacted by disabilities can find rest, support and belonging.

How do people often overlook the difficulties families impacted by disabilities face?

The average family impacted by disabilities spends 18-22% of their income on their child’s needs that aren’t covered by insurance. For example, a family of five finds themselves with a child in the PICU for 14 days. Statistically, that family will spend $150-$225 a day on food, parking, gas and covering for their other child’s care expenses. It’s taxing.

How do you stay motivated when you feel burnt out?

I take comfort in knowing that others are also feeling burnt out. Having a sense that I’m not alone or isolated in my experiences helps me sit with myself and others to gain a new perspective. I’ve learned that people aren’t asking for perfection; they are asking for an open door.

Tell us something you’ve learned in your experience that surprised you.

As a stay-at-home mom with five-year-old triplets who are impacted by disabilities, I already have a full-time job. So when I wanted to start Love Your Story, I knew it would have to be a community initiative; and that’s exactly what has happened. I have had hundreds of people donate, volunteer and share the ideas behind our mission to create spaces of belonging.

What are your hopes for your future initiatives?

Our new initiatives for 2023 will be starting an Education and Belonging program and community night. Education and Belonging will provide disability resources to parents for K-5 students and provide 553+ inclusive books to teach the importance of everyone playing together. Our community nights will host moms impacted by children with disabilities in our area to build friendships.,

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