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5 Tips to Combat Holiday Heartburn & Tame Digestive Discomfort

5 Tips to Combat Holiday Heartburn & Tame Digestive Discomfort

By Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates

element5-digital-XQ5QWR8eZ5I-unsplash Thanksgiving dinner complete with turkeyFrom gravy boats and turkey dinners to decadent desserts and Champagne toasts, our tummies endure a lot during the holiday season. Don’t let digestive symptoms get in the way of your festive gatherings.

Here are five helpful tips to keep your tummy happy.

1. Focus on your favorites.

Overeating triggers symptoms of heartburn and bloating. Instead of filling your plate then going back for more, indulge a little in the foods you like most and pass on the other items.

2. Find balance.

When you’re not at parties and potlucks, be mindful of your other meals. Choose high-fiber breakfast and lunch options filled with vegetables and whole grains. This will keep your digestive tract moving regularly and avoid constipation.

3. Chew and eat slowly.

Enjoy your food! By thoroughly chewing your food, you’ll prevent food from getting “stuck” on its journey to your stomach. Food impaction is both uncomfortable and alarming, making it a common reason for emergency room visits this time of year.

In addition, eating slowly is extremely beneficial in both suppressing appetite and preventing overeating.

4. Limit alcohol.

Alcohol can irritate the digestive system in many different ways and is also a major trigger for heartburn. Moderation is key.

5. Move around.

After eating, stretch your legs. Adding in a light walk will keep your digestive tract moving and prevent symptoms of bloating, gas, and acid reflux.

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