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5 Signs Your Snoring Isn’t Normal

5 Signs Your Snoring Isn’t Normal

For everyone who is getting nudged or elbowed throughout the night from frustrated bed partners, it is important to know what your snoring means and how you need to treat it.

Snoring can range from a quiet “purr” to a loud noise that can be confused with a freight train going down the tracks. Snoring is the sound heard when tissues in the throat relax enough and partially block the airway. Anatomical features such as a narrow jaw, crowded teeth and a large tongue along with lifestyle factors such as alcohol consumption and body weight affect the noise level of snoring as they can contribute to the obstruction of airways. Snoring along with any of these symptoms may also be an indication of a sleep disorder:

1.Excessive daytime sleepiness
2.Episodes of stopped breathing during sleep
3.Clenching and grinding your teeth
4.Morning headaches
5.Difficulty concentrating and moodiness

Often snoring is easily dismissed as a natural part of aging. While snoring can increase over time with age and weight gain, it should not be dismissed as normal, as it can be a symptom of sleep apnea. If you or your partner is a frequent loud snorer and has any of the signs above you may want to bring it up to your doctor to see whether or not a sleep study is necessary.

Dr. Marianna Kovitch is a diplomat of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Kovitch completed her Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the Medical College of Georgia after earning her Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Chemistry and recognition in research publication in biochemistry from Georgia State University. Dr. Kovitch has been an active board member of the Academy of General Dentistry since 2013 and has been a contributor to the development of dentistry excellence in Georgia.


Details: Marianna Kovitch, DMD, FICOI • Atlanta Smiles & Wellness • • 404.262.7733

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